Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Scribe, Grace Carlson. Wednesday 11th of December.

Scribe: Grace Carlson
Presentation tools
Google Slides/Presentation
Start working on presentation, find you attention getter, and put your link on the group shared document(make sure to have it on public view)
Speech must be between 2:50 and 3:10 minutes long. At 2:50 the timer will raise on hand, and at three they’ll signal you to start wrapping it up. At 3:10 you will be cut off.

Write the speech in a style similar to how you talk, and find something to engage people (attention getter, and slides) Change the slide enough that it stays interesting, but not enough to distract from your speech.
Don’t just read off the board, use pictures.
PRACTICE!!! In front of family, friends, anyone. You are encouraged to memorize your speech but some people do prefer to just “wing it”.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Scribe 12/10/13 Elizabeth Brandel Period 5

How to move essay into speech-

Once you are done with presentation, go to agenda and on the 5th slide there is a link for your class hour. Make a link of your presentation on your name.
Also on the presentation go to share and change who has access to Public on the web.

Then we got some work time. The rest of the week will be used for work time on the speech and presentation

Monday, December 9, 2013

Scribe 12/9

Peer editing was done on TIB papers in class today
- look for 5 things on rubric
Sign up for time to give speech
Share Essay with Smith- title should be Full name (Kassidy Hogan) TIB
Finish Inherit the Wind

Friday, December 6, 2013

12/6/13 English Period 5 Scribe

12/6/13 - Friday

HW: "This I Believe" essay due on Monday on Google Doc

What did we do today?

  1. Smith informed us that our final is 13.5% of our grade
  2. We finished reading Act 2 then took a quiz on Act 2
  3. Then we started reading Act 3

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Scribe Pd 5 131205

TIB Essay due Monday, Dec 9

  1. This I Believe essays are due Monday (for peer edits). We will also start working on presentations. (Check out Kinetic Typography, MoveNote, Prezi, Microsoft Photo Story,  and Windows Movie Maker for your presentation.)
  2. We viewed photos from the real Scopes trial.
  3. Smith is redoing her teacher page to a Google site and asked us what we would want to see on her site. Also, 2nd semester, we will start working on a digital portfolio of our work.
  4. We started reading/acting out Act 2 of Inherit the Wind and read up to page 99.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Scribe December 4th English 9 Honors Period 3

Today we took two Inherit The Wind group quizzes on Act One and Act Two of Scene One.

After everyone finished the quizzes, we started acting out Scene Two and only got a couple of pages in.

Work on your This I Believe essay which is due Monday December 9th

Scribe Pd 5 131204

~Happy PLC Day~

"This I Believe" essay is due on Monday, December 9
Also, review Act 2 notes

  1. We finished reading/acting Act 1 (page 48 - end of Act 1) of Inherit the Wind then took a group quiz on it.
That's all.

Monday, December 2, 2013

12/2/13 English 9 Period 5 Scribe

12/2/13 - Monday

HW: "This I Believe" essay due next Monday (December 9)

What did we do today?
  1. Smith handed out and read over the "This I Believe" Presentation Rubric linked here (add a * at the top of the rubric telling you to highlight the portions in your essay you're using for your speech)
  2. We discussed the Scopes Monkey Trial (information in this week's PowerPoint) to help us prepare for reading "Inherit the Wind"
  3. We then started reading the book. We got through page 12 in Act 1 Scene 1 in class, we will read more tomorrow