Saturday, August 31, 2013

8-28 Scribe 9 Honors Period 3


  • Morning announcements

  • We looked at the the SAT Exercises and went over some questions that there were
    • Exercise 3: Question 2
If you have an effusive personality, then it _______ of you. Motor oil will _______ across the gravel if it spills out of the can.
The first answer is pours out because the prefix e means “out” or “from” and the root fus means “melt” or “pour out”, so the two combined means “pour out or from” and “pours out” fits into the sentence perfectly.
The second answer is is found when you use the root meanings listed above the questions, di means “apart” and fus means “melt” or “pour out” so they combine to make the answer, diffuse.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Honors Scribe 8-29

Went over test format for SAT book test on Friday:
 The format is 3 columns word, part of speech, and definition. On the test the word may be filled in and students need to fill in part of speech and definition. Or the definition may be filled in and students need to fill in part of speech and word.

 Finished watching Bully documentary.

Went over summaries and responses.   Summaries are getting information into a short easier thing to read. In a response fact is very important. Just because is not a good argument. Summary and Response:

Come tomorrow with ideas for main topic and supporting ideas.

Scribe 8-29 English 9 Honors

Scribe 8/29 English 9 Honors
Today's Schedule 
We finished the bullying video today, here are some links you can access it at; we were at about an hour:, sorry about the weird subtitles

The SAT word quiz tomorrow will look like this:
Word Part of Speech Definition
1. ________       n.                   ___________
2. factious _________  __________
3 _______ _________ rude or impolite

Bully Video Discussion
Big Ideas
Everything starts with one
Get back up when people push you down
Don’t be a bully
Bullying doesn't affect just one person, affects everyone: families friends, school, communities
You are loved no matter what
Being different can make a difference
You have to actually do something to make a difference
Sometimes sweetness and love is all you need
Bring awareness to epidemic of bulling -> speak up
Kids are bullied both physically and mentally with scarring impacts from both

Summary Response - Due Tuesday
Summary 1/3 - no opinion in a summary, no personal words
  • topic sentence:title, author, main idea… ex: In Lee Hirsch’s documentary “Bully”, Hirsch informs his audience of the exponential growth of bullying in today’s society.
  • summarize main points of movie can use some specific examples, but better to stick to big ideas… ex: kids taking lives b/c they were bullied, authorities made excuses, didn’t try to stop (ignored warning signs such as reports of bullying incidents), kids not speaking up, or accepting it’s ok; parents not advocating , administrators not following through, kids that are bullying -> no recognition, no acceptance of responsibility, parents not teaching them right and wrong
  • concluding sentence

Response 2/3 - heart and soul, respond/react

  • topic sentence: argumentative/ reactionary statement with a why; connect with essential question… ex: In Lee Hirsch’s Bully, the administrators dismissal of bullying as a problem exemplifies why bullying has become an epidemic in society; by simply stating that kids are “good as gold”, administration dismisses the lives of those who've taken their own life as a result of bullying”
  • specific examples/ explanation to support thesis (2-3)... ex: tyler, alex, ja’meya- explain, connect back to main idea
  • concluding sentence

The Lord of the Flies annotations got handed back, if you want to do a redo we're talking about the due date for those tomorrow.

HW: Summer Response due Tuesday, SAT Exercises due tomorrow

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Scribe 9 Honors 8/28/13

General Overview: On Wednesday August 18, 2013, we fell short on time due to the first late start of the year. Despite this disadvantage, we maintained the daily routine of recording homework and reviewing the agenda. Initially, our attention and efforts were directed towards discussing our progress and/or questions concerning the SAT Exercise Lesson 1 (exercise 1-4 and Identifying Errors Section- do not complete 5) and then we continued work on our “Bully” analysis which includes notes that will assist us in writing a summary and personal review of the documentary.

Section 1 of Class: Review SAT Exercises and Address Questions
SAT Exercise work: due on Friday; there will also be a quiz on the material covered on pages 15-16 (vocab words: must know the word with correct spelling, its part of speech, and the definition); if you have any further questions email Ms. Smith or a friend in the class and it is in your best interest to finish the work before tomorrow as we will have other assignments such as the “Bully” summary and review; DON’T PROCRASTINATE!

Exercise III Questions: This section prompted the most issues in terms of what sort of answers the question was asking for and how to answer in the correct format. Here is a reminder of Ms. Smith’s explanation from earlier today: fill in the blanks using your knowledge of the roots and prefixes, and suffixes provided in the space above the questions in exercise 3 (in italics) Some words can be found in the list from part 1. of the exercise while the others must be constructed from the roots, prefixes, and suffixes in italics.
ex. If you have an effusive personality, then it “pours out” of you. effusive e= “out or from” fus= “to pour or melt”
Motor oil will diffuse across the gravel if it spills out of the can. dif= “apart” fus= “to melt or pour out”

We continued to discuss Exercise 4: complete sentences using inference.
 ex. factious: The ambassador is prompting tension among the congregation of envoys: to reference Ms. Smith’s example: the ambassadors from the U.S., China, and Russia are convening; Russia’s representative insinuates that China is spying on the U.S. and China confidentially claims the same of Russia. Their intentions are to create a barrier between the U.S. and the third party, a situation which reflects the nature of the word; an adjective that defines something as being a source of disagreement.

The final section of the SAT Exercise for Lesson 1 is the Identifying and Improving (REMINDER: Do not forget to complete the work on pages 22 and 23; while Exercise 5 is not required the Identifying and Improving work is!)

Section 2 of Class: We all pulled out our laptops to continue recording notes on “Bully”. Connect to essential question: To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our lives/choices and affect our relationships?
When taking notes on your reaction consider the following question: How has this video changed you such as your views on the world and society and the interactions between children?
Be prepared to write a summary of main points and your reactions; include quotes and specific references, etc… video cut off at 48:50; we will finish viewing tomorrow.

Homework: All conferences should have been scheduled by now, but you may make an appointment in Ms. Smith's planner if you have not already or if you need to meet for any other reason; do not forget the date of your meeting with Ms. Smith to discuss your Letter of Expectations. Homework related to “Bully”, as in the summary and the review, has been postponed until further notice- it will be assigned once we finish video notes.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scribe 8/27/13 Block 5 9 Honors

1.       Daily PowerPoint
2.       Incorrect parent email list on board that need to be corrected
a.       Ask your parents and see if the email went through
3.       Finished reading Cask of Amontillado
a.       We continued to work on annotations
b.      At the end we linked questions to story:
                                                                           i.      Why do little kids have cancer?
                                                                         ii.      Why do the good die young?
c.       Annotations were looked at and critiqued by Ms. Smith (made sure amount and depth were adequate)
4.       Watch “Bully” a documentary about the problem of bullies and how it affects people
a.       Open up a Google Doc and title it Bully
                                                                           i.      Put two sections on the page
1.       Key points
a.       This will help you summarize at the end
2.       Reactions
a.       Your opinion or reaction to video
b.      Agree or disagree
c.       Connections
d.      Vital question: To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/live?
                                                                         ii.      After we finish the documentary on a later date write a summary
1.       Main ideas
2.       examples

5.       HW: Conference (have you had yours yet or is it scheduled?), SAT exercises due Friday but suggested tomorrow(quiz on Friday over spelling, definition, and part of speech, notes on “Bully” up to current part of movie, and connect to vital question

Scribe Smith 9H block 3 8/27/2013

Scribe 8/21/13

1. Today in class Mrs. Smith put up on the board all the names of emails from parents that did not go through. Those names were;

We then finished annotating The Cask of Amontillado on the computer. If you don’t have a copy of The Cask of Amontillado   or you want to see some examples of annotating you can go here. By the end of the reading you should have a lot of annotations that really show your thinking. A way to check to make sure you have enough annotations is to scroll through the whole story. If there are any places that you don’t have any writing for a while you need to add your thinking.

  1. After we finished annotating we started watching the movie “Bully”. It is a documentary about different stories of bullying. We got a little more than a third of the way through the movie. I would talk to Mrs. Smith about when To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/ lives or affect our relationships?you could watch the first third. While we were watching we had to take notes on a google doc. There were four main points we had to think about while annotating.
    • During the movie we had to write down reactions that we had to the movie and thoughts/predictions we had but we had to support it with evidence.
    • She also wanted us to write about “hot spots” or reaction points. These were points in the movie where we disagreed or agreed with the movie, we had to support it with facts.
    • While we were watching Mrs. Smith wanted us to think about and annotate about  the big question we have been talking about in class, To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/ lives or affect our relationships?”
    • The last thing we were supposed to do when annotating was write about connections. These include comparing the movie to other media like books or other movies (text to text), comparing the movie to yourself and the experiences you have had (Text to self), and comparing the movie to other things that have happened in history or are happening right now (text to world).

3. The homework for today was;
    • making sure you have your conference set up with Mrs. Smith and you know when it is. Due tomorrow.
    • Finish doing the SAT exercises. These include knowing the first fifteen words, their definitions, and parts of speech, and doing the exercise on page 15-23. (remember to write the answers to these exercises on a separate sheet of paper)
    • Your last piece of homework is to make sure you took all the notes you could for the Bully movie.

Monday, August 26, 2013

9 Honors Block 5 8/26/13

a.       HW: SAT Vocab exercises in SAT book
                                                               i.      Exercises 1-4 not 5 and then do Identifying Sentence Errors and Improving Sentences
1.       Put words into paragraph
2.       Complete Sentence
3.       Define words using roots, prefixes, and suffixes
4.       Complete sentence
5.       Skip Essay (DON’T DO THIS)
6.       Find Errors
7.       Replace words
                                                             ii.      Highly suggested that above tasks are completed by Wednesday to be able to ask questions at the question section on that day
                                                            iii.      Learn word, definition, and part of speech by Friday
                                                           iv.      Quiz on Friday
 2.       SAT Vocab Preparation Book Handout
a.       Started together on Lesson One, page 15 in class
                                                               i.      Don’t Write in book
                                                             ii.      Use separate sheet of paper
b.      Ways to Study
                                                               i.      Flash Cards
                                                             ii.      Quizlet
                                                            iii.      Group Study
 3.       Copy and Paste Cask of Amontillado in to Google Document
a.       Learning to annotate by class instruction
                                                               i.      How to define words
1.       Look up words on computer
2.       Break words down
3.       Read on
                                                             ii.      “Brain on a page”
1.       Lots of quality annotations

2.       Know how literary elements aid understanding

Scribe 9 honors 8/26/13

Today, August 26, 2013

General Information:

We started off class today being introduced to books that each student will have in order to study for the SAT tests, and then we continued to annotate “The Cask of Amontillado.” Our homework was to finish annotating “The Cask of Amontillado” if we did not in class, (There is more information below as to how far into the story we annotated today, and a few examples of the annotations) and our SAT book exercises.


1)      The cafĂ© specials today included but were not limited to: Fazoli’s pasta bowls, pizza, salad, fresh fruit, and chick-fil-a sandwiches.

2)      There is a meeting on the morning of August 29 in room C1 at 6:45 A.M. for any freshmen who are interested in running for student council. For more information on this particular event, look at the Arapahoe website.

*On speaker information was announced regarding Littleton Public Schools code of conduct (which can be found online) which defines weapon policies, etc. Mrs. Smith passed around sheet of paper which the class signed saying that we were aware of this information. Those that missed today’s class will need to contact Mrs. Smith if they have any questions and want to sign the paper.

SAT Books

Today each student received a copy of “Vocabulary Power Plus for the new SAT” which we will use every week to prepare for our SAT tests. On the inside cover we wrote the day it was issued, our names, and under the “Condition” column, wrote down “Mrs. Smith.”

This week we will complete Lesson one, which can be found on page 15. Below it, you will see 15 words, with their meanings and other specifics. EACH MONDAY we will be introduced to 15 vocabulary words, which we will study throughout the week on our own time. Be prepared to know those 15 words, the correct spelling, definitions, and parts of speech by Friday. On Friday, we will be quizzed over our knowledge of those words on paper and will have to know all of the above information.

IN ADDITION to the vocab words, there are five exercises per chapter. This week, we will need to complete exercises 1, 2, 3, 4, and the Identifying Errors section by Friday. Write the answers down on a separate piece of paper. Do not worry about doing Exercise five. If you have any questions regarding Lesson One, be sure to ask on Wednesday, which is the designated day for Mrs. Smith to answer any questions about the SAT books.

The answers to your exercises on your sheet of paper should look like this:


1)      Enervate



1)      … the rotting deer carcass smelled to high heaven.



1)      Fusion= melt together



1)      … last very long.


Identifying Errors:

1)      D.

2)      ..


The Cask of Amontillado

Our annotations of “The Cask of Amontillado” consisted of highlighting words or phrases, and adding comments throughout the story on things that we wondered, noticed, or wanted to look back on. (To insert a comment, go to the insert file, and click comment, after you have selected the portion of the text you would like to comment on.) We took the text into our own hand and deciphered it line by line. (You do not have to have a comment on every line- just phrases that stand out to you or mean something that is crucial to the story.) Here are a few examples that we did in class to get you started:



"And I must satisfy them."




"As you are engaged, I am on my way to Luchresi. If any one has a critical turn it is he. He will tell me --"


"Luchresi cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry."


"And yet some fools will have it that his taste is a match for your own.


"Come, let us go."




Comment of highlighted script : Oh never mind... I'll just visit… You're busy." He knows Fortunato will jump at the chance to be the best connoisseur of wine. The use of "My friend" continuously builds up the trust Fortunato has for him.

He had on a tight-fitting parti-striped dress, and his head was surmounted by the conical cap and bells. I was so pleased to see him that I thought I should never have done wringing his hand.


I said to him --"My dear Fortunato, you are luckily met. How remarkably well you are looking to-day. But I have received a pipe of what passes for Amontillado, and I have my doubts."

"How?" said he. "Amontillado, A pipe? Impossible! And in the middle of the carnival!

Comment of highlighted script: "I have this fancy wine, but I don't know if it is good or not. Because I know of your expertise, will you try it?" The narrator is using Fortunato's flaws against him, luring him. It is a possibility that the wine is poisoned...

We continued to annotate right up until the point when the narrator notices that “the intoxication of Fortunato had in a great measure worn off.” The rest we will do in class tomorrow.