Monday, September 30, 2013

Scribe Period 3, 9/30/13, Honors English 9

Today in class we started out by getting in our Othello quiz groups and finishing the quizzes that we started on Friday. We then turned in the quizzes to Mr. Rosenberg (Mrs. Smith's substitute).After that we went over the SAT 6 vocab words that can be found in the book.
After finishing the quiz we assigned parts from Act 5 and then acted it out until about line 130 on page 245.

The parts in this scene included:

  • Iago
  • Roderigo
  • Casio
  • Othello
  • Lodovico
  • Gratiano 
  • Bianca
  • Emilia
  • Desdemona
  • Montano
In the part that we read in class the main idea was that Roderigo attacks Cassio like Iago told him to do. However it is at night and it is dark. Cassio defends himself against Roderigo and stabs him, but does not kill him. Iago then comes and cuts Cassio in the leg and kills Roderigo. Cassio is injured but not dead, however Othello hears him yell from a distance and thinks that he is dead. Othello, thinking that Cassio is dead, sets off to kill Desdemona in her bed. He smothers her and while she is suffocating, Emilia walks into the bedroom. That is where we ended the reading.

The Homework for today was to work on SAT 6 exercises and to review Act 5 of Othello. The SAT exercises will be do on Friday (as usual). More details of what we did in class can be found here:

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Scribe Period 5, Thursday 9/26/13, Honors English 9


  • Today was our presentation day for Reader’s Theater on Othello Act 4.
  • We turned in our annotated scripts with our questions.
  • We performed our scenes, but didn't have time to vote on best actor/actress.
  • At the end of class we reviewed all of act 4.
  • Key points of the review were: Iago and Othello’s plan for killing Desdemona (strangling her in her own wedding bed), Desdemona and Emilia’s relationship, and a breakdown of Iago’s plan for revenge so far (tricking Othello with the handkerchief and Iago’s conversation with Cassio)

Homework: Review act 4, Complete SAT 5 exercises, study for SAT quiz and Othello act 4 quiz.

Scribe Thursday 9/26/13 Period 3 Honors LA

Today, we started off class by listening to the announcements while making last minute preparations for reader's theaters and changing into costumes. After announcements were over, we launched right into Reader's theater with a nursing home theme. It was really entertaining and everyone got a laugh out of it. Then there was The Little Mermaid theme, which was also great and shore had a lot of puns! Next up was the ghetto theme, which was hilarious and had well-played parts. Lastly, there was a Grease translation, filled with slang from the fifties. Great performances today, everyone!
The homework today is to finish Lesson 5 SAT if you haven't already, as it's due tomorrow, and study for the SAT 5 quiz as well. Also review Act 4 of Othello, as there is also a quiz on that tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Period 3
Today we asked questions on SAT Lesson 5.
Some of the Questions we asked were....
Exercise 3
1. E. to stand out
2. Petrified, cave, the study of stone
3. You can connect those to with the statement that you are supporting something.(Life or something heavy)
4. Petroleum
Sentence Errors 3. B

After SAT Questions e got together into our groups and worked on anything we needed to for our PRESENTATIONS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!
We annotated, worked on scripts, costumes, meaning of the act, etc.
Here is each group working real hard!!!

The end of class

Thursday the 25th Scribing by Max Wilson

Thursday the 25th

  • Today we asked questions about SAT 5. In case you wanted to know, the SAT 5 quiz is on Friday.
    • 3.3: Petrified, cave, petroglyphs
    • 3.3: Subsist, the sun supports life
    • 3.4: Petroleum
  • We also perform tomorrow, so today was a work day in our Act 4 Reader’s Theatre in class on Thursday
  • And then we worked… and worked… and worked… on our project, which by the way is performed tomorrow, aka Thursday the 25th
  • Homework: SAT 5 and quiz due Friday, Act 4 performances Thursday, read Act 4, annotate your part of Act 4.
  • Things you need for Thursdays performance
  • Break down scenes
    • Annotated script
      • Roles
      • Stage Directions
      • Breakdown of meaning
      • Costumes
      • 4 questions answered

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dani Comstock Hon Eng 3 Scribe 9/24

Dani Comstock

Honors English 3 Scribe

Morning announcements

Mrs. Smith informed us that along with our normal SAT quiz on Friday, she has also added the synonyms from the book that we need to learn as well - We will be going over any SAT 5 questions tomorrow in class

The rest of class was spent with our Reader's Theater groups practicing for our performances on Thursday

9-23-13 Period 5

  • Today in Language arts class we finished up our Act 3 Othello Quizzes

  • Then we got into our groups and worked on our Readers theatre for act 4 Othello.

  • This time for readers theatre completely change Othello into a modern interpretation.

  • Don't forget to turn in annotations and answering the four questions on the rubric

  • Annotations should be in the form of comments and transferred to a word document where they will appear when printed

  • Don't forget to annotate and read Act 4 of Othello. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Honors English: 3rd Period Scribe
Claire Jones
Today in class, we went over our Lesson Five SAT Exercise words, which will be due on Friday (as usual).
The words are:
  1. fop (n.) an excessively fashion conscious man
  2. imprecation (n.) a curse
  3. non sequitur (n.) something that does not logically follow
  4. sanguine (adj.) cheerful; optimistic
  5. bowdlerize (v.) to remove offensive passages of a play, novel, etc.
  6. impair (v.) to weaken; to cause to become worse
  7. panegyric (n.) an expression of praise
  8. quandary (n.) a puzzling situation; a dilemma
  9. ebullient (adj.) enthusiastic
  10. deference (n.) respect; consideration
  11. carnal (adj.) relating to physical appetite, especially sexual
  12. nebulous (adj.) hazy; vague; uncertain
  13. rakish (adj.) dashingly stylish and confident
  14. elegy (n.) a sad or mournful poem
  15. pedantic (adj.) tending to show off one's learning 
The rest of class was spent with our Reader's Theater group.
*REMINDER* Reader's Theater annotations, performances, and scripts are due Thursday.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Katelin Godfrey Scribe 9-20-13 Period 3

SEPT 20, 2013 PERIOD 3
- Handed back SAT lesson 3 quiz
-turn in SAT 4 work
-SAT 4 quiz- Spelling, Part of speech, Definition
- Vote on Readers Theater acts
- Act 3 review/talk
- Act 3 quiz
- Watch act 3 in othello movie

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Scribe Thursday 9/19/13 Per 3 9H

Today we had a meeting with the guidance counselors in the forum. The freshman counselor, Mr. Bast, went over the graduation requirements, usual college requirements, and how to calculate your GPA.
The main point of the meeting was that GPA matters and you need to think about college from the beginning.
The graduation requirements for Arapahoe are:

  • English
    • Eng 9: 2 semesters
    • Eng 10: 2 semesters
    • 35 total credits
    • Colleges require 4 years
  • Social Studies
    • US History
    • Western Civilizations
    • World Geography & Civilizations
    • Government
    • 3 additional credits required for a total of 30 credits
  • Math
    • 4 semesters 
    • Colleges require 4 years
  • Science
    • 4 semesters of lab based science
    • Most colleges require 3 years or more
  • Fine Arts
    • 6 credits
    • includes theater, drawing, design, etc.
  • Practical arts
    • 6 credits
    • includes Business Tech 1 and Advanced Business Tech
  • Physical Education
    • 12 credits
    • includes swimming
  • No language is required for graduation
    • Language counts as an elective
    • Most colleges require at least 1-2 years
How to Calculate Your GPA:

Take your grade credit points
A: 4 points
B: 3 points
C: 2 points
D: 1 point
F: 0 points

And divide the total by the number of hours you have.

Class            classes per week        Grade (Points)     
Eng. 9 S1               5                 x          A (4)         =    20
US Hist S1             5                 x          B (3)         =    15
Math                      4                 x          D (1)         =    4
Science                  4                 x          B (3)          =   12
Elect (Bus Tech)     3                 x          C (2)         =   6
W. Lang.               5                  x          A (4)         =   20

       TOTAL HOURS: 26               TOTAL POINTS: 78

78/26= 3.0 GPA

At the end of the talk, Ms. Smith talked to the class about upcoming assignments. We have a test tomorrow about Othello Act 3. We will review the plot for about 10 minutes before we start the test. For the quotation part of the test, Ms. Smith is allowing us to use the book. Next week, we will do another Reader's Theater and present next Friday. 
Also, don't forget tomorrow the SAT exercises on lesson 4 is due tomorrow and we're taking the quiz tomorrow. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Scribe Tuesday 9/17/13 Period 3 Honors LA

We started out class today with listening to announcements, as always. Part of the way through announcements, the fire alarms went off and we had a fire drill. When we came back in, the announcements continued and finished.
After that, we had the rest of class to work on our Reader's Theater roles, stage directions, breakdown of meaning, costumes, character motivation, summary of scene, and to rehearse.
The homework was working on Act 3 annotations in Othello, work on SAT vocab lesson 4 (Due Friday) and to finish preparing for Reader's Theater performances, which are tomorrow! Make sure to bring your rubric, annotated copy of the scene you are doing (only 1 per group), and have answered the four questions tomorrow.

Scribe Tuesday 9/17/13 Period 5 Honors LA

Today Ms. Smith opened class with telling us our nightly homework. Homework is to practice our performances, finish typed annotations on our reader’s theater scripts and answer 4 questions attached to our green rubrics. Remember that tomorrow is question day for the SAT 4 vocab list, so finish all exercises for tomorrow. In class we had most of the period as work time, to practice and annotate our scripts as a group for tomorrow. Make sure to add stage directions and an interpretation of the lines. This Friday we have the vocab test, so make sure to have the vocabulary words memorized by then.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013 Scribe

New Announcements???
Yes! Today on the loudspeaker there was a new announcement pertaining to homecoming. Students were asked to nominate a boy and a girl from their class for homecoming king and queen. If you are interested in this, there is more information on the webpage. As far as any other announcements, they are on the webpage as well.

                To start out class today, we took out our SAT books and turned to lesson 4. After reading the words with their descriptions aloud in class, we took out our planner and jotted down the homework. We will be doing all of the exercises for homework, and questions about the sections can be asked on Wednesday like normal. The vocab test will be on Friday.

            The remainder of the class period was spent with our Othello groups. For most students, this meant determining the characters, deciding your group’s theme and getting the beginning process figured out (stage directions, meaning of your act, etc.) . As a reminder- you have to read all of Act 3 and annotate your part of the Act by Wednesday. (The annotations are done by the whole group together.) Remember that your assignment is not only made up of your group’s annotation; it also includes the following:
·         On a sheet of paper, summarize what happens during your scenes and right before and after. Be sure to give a heading with names.
·         For each character, give a 1-2 sentence description of what is motivating him/her in this scene- what is making the characters act this way? Also, add how these characters are feeling- is your character depressed, quiet, enraged?
·         Discuss who in your group will be in charge of props, costumes, music, etc.
·         Come up with the context/dialogue you want to put it in. (red-neck setting, etc.)
·         Rewrite your lines in that context for each character following the scene’s dialogue, as long as you don’t change what is happening.

HOMEWORK: SAT 4, act 3 annotations- turn in on Wednesday WITH rubric

Smith 9H Scribe 9/16

September 16 2013

  1. Today in English we started out by going over the SAT 4 vocabulary words. 
  2. Then we broke into our Othello Reader’s Theater groups. In our groups we annotated our scripts, went over our roles and stage directions. We broke down the meaning of our passage and determined costumes, character motivation, and the summary of our scenes. Also in our groups we started to answer the four questions that are laid out on the green Reader’s Theater packets.
  3. These are the four questions:  

  • What is the main idea of this scene?
  • What is the most important event of this scene?
  • Who is the most important character of this scene?
  • How do the characters' actions reflect on previous acts' conflicts and events?

  1. Our performances will start this Wednesday, Sep. 18th.  
  2. Homework:

  • SAT 4 vocabulary exercises 
  • Act 3 annotations, which need to be turned in on Wednesday, printed out and with the rubric(You are only annotating your scene, but you must read all of Act 3)

Remember our essential question-

To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?

Sunday, September 15, 2013


9-13-13  PERIOD 3 SCRIBE

Homework: Read all of act 3
       Read and annotate all of assigned section for readers theater.
                   Turn in act 3 annotations on Wednesday printed off.

Turn in SAT lesson 3 work
SAT lesson 3 test. (word, part of speech, definition)

Reality check- How are you doing? What part of school do you enjoy? What part are you struggling with? How can Smith help?
- share with

Group work- Readers theater
- Develop theme and begin reading and annotating readers theater assigned section.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Courtney Caviness Scribe 9/13/13 Honors English Period 5


Conferences (last day), Act 3 annotations- turn in on Wednesday printed off

Things we did:
SAT quiz 3
Reality Check
Worked in Reader’s Theater groups on our lines in Act 3

Reality Check Your Name
How’s it going? Really how’s it going?
What’s one thing that is going well for you? Tell me about it. What’s one thing that is really challenging for you? Tell me about it.
How can I help?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Scribe for Period 5 - Honors 9 - 9/12/13

  1. We started out class today by taking the Othello Act 2 quiz in a group of 4 people. We only turned in one worksheet per group.
  2. After we finished the quiz, we discussed the Reader's Theater Group Assignment worksheets. Here is the link:
  3. For the Reader's Theater assignment, we chose our own groups and each group was assigned different lines from Act 3 of Othello. We do not need to memorize the lines but we do need to be familiar with them and what is going on in that scene. Also, we are allowed to put a spin on it. For example, it can be a Star Wars theme or if you want to have your characters to be rednecks, you are allowed to do that. Also, we are allowed to change the wording, but the characters have to be saying something similar to the original context. Props and costumes are allowed. The performance of your scene will be graded next Friday, September 20th.
  4. After that, one person in the group had to put a copy of the scene your group was assigned into a Google Drive. Then share it with your group and add annotations and stage directions to it and print it out. We will have time to do this next week.
  5. Here is the link to Othello Act 3 Text:
  6. Here is the homework for today:                                                          
  • Finish SAT Lesson 3 Exercises 
  • Study the definitions and parts of speech for SAT Lesson 3 quiz tomorrow!
  • Reader's Theater: put a copy of your scene onto a Google Drive and add annotations and stage directions then print it out

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th Scribe Honors English 3

Dani Comstock

Wednesday, September 11th Scribe

The class asked any questions that they had about SAT 3 exercises

- Exercise 3: Question 1: A. emerse under  B. to come out of a plunge  C. coming together  D. perfectly intact  E. to carry again  F. carry together

- Exercise 3: Question 2: 1. carry across  2. elating  3. relate

- Exercise 3: Question 3: 1. integrity  2. integrate  3. segregate 4. penance, preferance, substance, compliance, romance

- Exercise 3: I.P.: Question 3: B.

We read from Act 3: Scene 2: (When Roderigo makes his entrance) to the end of Act 3: Scene 2

Pages 103 & 104 are very important

We reviewed the chapter at the end of class

We were supposed to have a quiz on Act 2 at the end of class but due to not having enough time it was scheduled for tomorrow

Wednesday September the 11th Scribing per. 6 English 9 Honors

Max Wilson
Wednesday September the 11
A space of silence for those who died

We asked questions about SAT 3 exercises
Exercise 3: Translate: to carry across
Exercise 3, 2, space 3: Relate
Mrs. Smith danced to show us the difference between segregate and integrate by waving her arms back and forth
We read through Act 2, Scene 3, Line 14. Page 83- Act 2 Scene 3 line 284
  • Lines 356-383 are IMPORTANT, they shall be on thine quizzical. Know quite well, for certes it is on thine test. practically memorize it.
  • Cassio does not do well with drinking, gets drunk very fast
  • Iago is crude about Desdemona, whereas Cassio is polite and proper
  • Conflict: Proper vs. Crude
  • Cassio is an angry drunk, so Iago can use this weakness against him
  • The plan is to get Cassio drunk and Roderigo will make him mad, he’ll humiliate himself after he beats up Roderigo and he’ll leave, he’ll be shamed, if all goes to plan
  • Iago is singing about drinking and getting dirty (The King Song), and Cassio says that since it is a dirty song, he says if they do it again and take action, we won’t be worthy of our places. From this it is obvious that Cassio symbolizes all thing proper
  • Shakespeare displays the foil, basically fire and ice, oil and water. Foil is a character who contrasts another character. Like Piggy and Jack
  • Juxtaposition: two different sides compared together
  • Cassio gets drunk, repeats line that he isn’t drunk to prove to himself that he isn’t, also shows that he is
  • Iago tells Montano that Cassio is a drunkard, and that he is bad, and that he isn’t fit for duty, so they plan to tell Othello, planted this in Montano's mind
  • Roderigo gets in a fight with crazy angry drunk Cassio
    • And Cassio gets ANGRY
  • Roderigo to yell MUTINY to get Othello and bring attention to Cassio and his demons (like the beginning with I and R yelling thieves to Brabantio to arouse him)
  • Everyone fights, so Iago breaks it up to make himself look innocent and responsible and to get attention
  • Montano humiliates himself, but then his side of the story is told, and Cassio is humiliated too, basically a fight
  • Othello is all, why would you risk your reputation to be a night brawler (to Cassio)
  • Cassio doesn’t speak because he is shamed, he realizes what has happened
  • Iagos explanation of the fight isn’t truthful because Iago doesn’t add that he was working behind the scenes. Other than that his explanation was just peachy
  • Iago is a puppetmaster
  • Cassio: I'm hurt beyond repair: its his reputation that really hurts, but Iago thinks hes mortally wounded
  • Pretty much adding insult to injury by asking him if he's hurt. Iago wants to get ALL up in Cassio's gills
Homework: Read all of Act 2, read to the end of Act 2. SAT 3 and quiz are Friday, Act 2 quiz is tomorrow. Do you remember what I told you earlier? Hah, of course not. That one passage I wrote about earlier is VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Lines 356-383 is CRAZY important. Get it? Got it? Good.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Scribe - Tuesday September 10th Period 3

The first thing we discussed in Honors English today was our Summary and Responses on "Bully". Mrs. Smith told the class that she was commenting on the blog post itself and that if she hadn't gotten to yours yet, it was only because she had many others to grade and it was taking awhile. She also proceeded to explain that if you received a B or lower as a grade, then you have the option of redoing your paragraphs. It is entirely up to you, though.

She reminded the class that the Lesson 3 SAT Test was on Friday and that we should be studying over the new words.

We then began to continue the reading of Act 2. We annotated as we went and stopped on Act 2. Scene 3. Page 105, Line 383. Mrs. Smith instructed that we go over Iago's last monologue to make sure that we understood what he was saying.

Homework for tonight

  • SAT Practices - Lesson 3 
  • Reread over annotations and notes for what we read in class from Othello. 
  • Conference for your Letter of Expectation

Scribe 9/10 Period 5

Today we mostly read Othello, finishing scene 1 and scene 2 of Act 2 and starting scene 3.  In scene 1,  the ships arrived at Cyprus with news that the Turks were defeated.  After all of the greetings, Iago tells Desdemona his witty “praises” for different types of women.  Othello arrives after everyone else.  Later, Iago persuades Roderigo to hate Cassio and to provoke him so that Cassio gets in trouble.  Scene 2 is a speech from a Herald telling everyone to have a good time at the feast, which celebrates the victory over the Turks.  We didn’t read much from scene 3.

Homework is to reread and annotate up to where we left off in Othello.  Also, if you haven’t done your conference with Mrs. Smith yet, you need to by the end of this week.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Class Scribe 9/9 Block 5

1.       Daily Powerpoint
2.       Homework
a.       Conference, Reread Act 2: Take Notes, SAT Exercises (except exercise 5) and Quiz
2.       SAT 3 Introduction/ Word Reading
a.       Words
                                                               i.      Pedestrian
                                                             ii.      Bona fide
                                                            iii.      Adventitious
                                                           iv.      Fecund
                                                             v.      Deviate
                                                           vi.      Obfuscate
                                                          vii.      Impale
                                                        viii.      Extenuate
                                                           ix.      Parochial
                                                             x.      Glower
                                                           xi.      Edify
                                                          xii.      Ambiguous
                                                        xiii.      Cataclysm
                                                        xiv.      Optimum
                                                         xv.      Importune
b.      Quizlet Link
3.       Finished Othello Act I One Quiz Started on Friday
4.       Place a quote on one of the papers on the wall that is not already there from act I on Othello
a.       Then the class had a teacher led discussion of the quotes
5.       Watched  the scene were Brabantio brings Othello in front of Duke and a little into unread text of act 2
6.       We finished by starting act 2 scene 1 stopping on page 67