Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scribe 2/27 Period 3 Catherine Holmes

Today in class we did:

  •  Grammar: which included capitalization, punctuation and diagramming
  • We peer-reviewed each others' introductions, leaving comments about whether it followed the outline, what they did well, and what they could have done better. 

Homework: Write & Finish 2nd body paragraph

Scribe 2/27/14 period 5

HOMEWORK: Work on intro, first and second body paragraph; CSAP packet; DOL quiz tomorrow
This weeks powerpoint What we did today:

  1. Smith went into detail about citations in our essay (picture below)
  2. Then we finished grammar for this week (pictures below) 

  3. After grammar we switched computers and peer edited each others intro and body paragraphs                   

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Scribe 2/26 period 5


Scribe for Feb. 26, 2014 English 9 Honors Anisha Choi

1. Discuss grammar
- go over what the sub did yesterday and go over today's parts
2. Discuss about Cory Doctorow skype from yesterday
- pictures, videos posted online
3. Work on paper
- peer edit soon

Agenda Link:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scribe 2/25 per. 5

HOMEWORK: DOL and Intro Paragraph due tomorrow
Today was a work day since we skyped with Cory Doctrow in the morning

Skype with Cory Doctorow


Monday, February 24, 2014

Scribe 2/24/14

  • Homework
    • Finish outline
    • start intro(optional)
    • TCAP
    • Grammar (DOL 13)
  • In class
    • Did you do the Link for your essay? Have done by Tuesday
    • What we doing tomorrow
      • In forum on Tues. 2nd Hour
      • work day and we do have class period 5
    • Bibliography! (don’t forget)
    • How to use easybib.
      • try URL
      • or do it manually by finding info and inserting info from source
  • Grammar
    • copy down the grammar
    • word types
    • participle verb not acting like verb
  • Essay Notes
    • Possible Resources
      • SnapPages?
      • Weebly
      • Tumbler
    • Have the Content first!!!
  • Remainder of class was work time

Scribe 2.24.2014 Period 3

Today we started off with grammar.

The sentence featuring Ben will be our test sentence this week.

Then we just worked on our papers.

Homework: CSAP, DOL, Paper due 3-5, make sure you have added the link to your website to the document!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Scribe 2/21/14 Period 5


Started off by turning in CSAP practice and DOL, and then took the DOL quiz.
Began talking about essay project. Smith showed examples for our project, highlighting a NYT article that included graphics and video, alongside an article. Mrs. Smith talked about how this will be different than anything else we’ve ever written, because we are publishing it to the world.

Next we began outlining the essay.  She laid out how the organization of our essay can change our “Where are we going” (If you have learned first and not learned second, then the Where are we going may be negative and visaversa) She diagrammed an outline on the whiteboard which showed examples.

Power of individual through technology
451-”Montag” isn't Montag- TV media. Manipulates society through media
LB- Marcus and the X-net-- created community to stand up.
Modern-Facebook, twitter Wikipedia, YouTube.-You can publish anything.

Not Learned:
1984-Big Brother and the party
LB- DHS with the Government
Modern-9/11  and the PATRIOT Act

Mrs. Smith pointed out how we can link quotes to original article, allowing for immediate fact checking.

Where are we going:
Modern can be 25 years into the future, 5 years into the future, or even now. There is no strict outline for this part. We can think outside of the box, and we draw from examples in the text to help prove our point. Remember that the organization of the paragraphs affects the Where are we going. Smith said that for some of us we can draw from 1984 and LB, but also 451 and ANY other texts if we want to (Divergent was her example). We are using the first 2 paragraphs to help with the where are we going.

Bad/Boring thesis: “Through the works of Orwell, Bradbury, Doctorow, and modern society, society has learned___________, yet failed to grasp___________; as a result, society will become ___________.” Commonly known as a “fill in the blank” thesis. Not good, but an OK place to start

Class examples:
Through the works of Orwell, Bradbury, Doctorow, and modern society, society has learned the importance of education, but hasn't learned what we can and can’t control, and will lead to the abuse of power. (Smith said that we should avoid having a “Can/can’t” in our thesis. We must take a side)

Try to keep it short, and don’t repeat excessively.

KEEP CITATIONS: Whatever quotes, images, videos, background information, must be cited.
May even be pages of works cited. Ideas to keep track is to sign into easy bib and create project. Every time you find a source, add it to easy bib.

By monday she wants a link to where your paper will be published (Link on power point)

Cory Doctorow Questions- Anisha Choi

​What is your writing process? ​ How do you get your ideas? How often do you work on it?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Scribe Period 5 2/20/2014 Nathan Waanders

Today Mrs. Smith changed the due date of the essay from the 28th to Wednesday the 5th. We went from this to working on DOL 11, we diagrammed the sentences and there is a test tomorrow. After doing DOL we talked about the survey we had taken on a previous day. We discussed questions that were confusing and could be interpreted differently. If you were absent and had questions about it, ask Mrs. Smith. We then discussed our essay and brainstormed ideas of what we have learned, and what we haven't learned. The pictures below are what we came up with.

For homework begin working on your paper idea, finish your CSAP packet, pracitce DOL, review rubric, Begin mapping out paper- outline of overall paper

Cory Doctorow Question- Connor Desch

Do you think with today's government that if a terrorism attack similar to the one in the book happened, that the government could find who helped the terrorists without invading citizens rights and privacy?

Cory Doctorow Question- Eliana Lander

This book was in response to 1984. Did you write this book because you agreed with what George Orwell was saying or did you write it because you have a differing opinion?

2/20/14 Claire Jones 3rd Period Scribe

Mrs. Smith changed the due date of the paper from the 28th to the 5th.
She wants us to bring in what we have learned, what we haven’t learned, and where we are going for tomorrow. We went over some examples of each in class. The notes we took are below.
  • Where are we going?
    • Individuals will stand up to the government overstepping bounds
    • Edward Snowden
    • Released government info about them tracking US citizens
    • Government went after him
    • Fled to Russia
    • Wikileaks
  • Not learned
    • Right balance between safety and security
    • Constitutional Rights
    • Personal connection vs. technological dominance
    • Right balance of technology (medical uses vs. tracking)
    • Power we should give to the government
      • (too much power)
      • Big Brother
      • DHS
      • Post 9/11 Patriot Act
    • Difference between protection and  safety
    • Enforcement of laws
    • Boundaries/Invasion of privacy, push boundaries
    • Understanding of inevitable (ie. what actually happens)
  • Learned
    • Human connection is essential
    • Gov’t intervention
    • Limit gov’t involvement
    • Power of technology
      • An individual
      • Hunting down wrong person (F451)
      • X Net (Lil Bro)
      • Create/ Produce anything social media (Facebook, Twitter)
      • Woman in Uganda blogs about important experience
    • Gov’t (and media) power to manipulate facts
    • Importance of literature
    • Importance of being free, thinking for yourself, challenging the system
    • Importance of knowledge
    • How society acts through fear, as a result of fear; controlling power of fear
    • Rebellion necessary to protect rights
    • When gov’t falls apart, necessary to rebuild
    • Be aware of gov’t
We worked on our DOL, as we have a test tomorrow. The changes are pictured below.

We went over the results of the survey in class, and discussed ways we as a class and teacher can improve.
  • get to know the each other as a class better
  • rubrics: less boxed in

We also discussed ways to improve the survey.  
  • English application    
  • class vs. personal
  • mental health letter (not Y/N)
  • ”My teacher teaches things that are important me”: stupid question

Cory Doctorow Question- Sophie Kramer

What inspired you to write this book?

Cory Doctorow Questions- Elena Jauregui

Was the character of Marcus inspired by any particular person in your life?

Why did you decide to have Marcus "win"? (rather than the soul-crushing ending of 1984)

Cory Doctorow Questions - Briana Madden

Where did you come up with the name “Little Brother”?

What made you so suspicious of the government? Was there a particular event?

Cory Doctorow Skype Questions (Paige Paulsen)

  • When writing Little Brother, who was your intended audience? (Was the writing directed towards youth as an example of fighting for a cause or towards the government as a warning not to put the public in such a position that they feel the need to act out so defiantly?
  • In your writing, you brought up the point that from the perspective of the government, Marcus and his actions could be perceived as acts of terror or as a threat to the nation. So I ask, in conflict can there really be a "good" or "bad" stance? Isn't it just a matter of perspective?
  • It seems that we convince ourselves that enemies are not human beings and deserve the consequences no matter how severe, but why? Is it government control or just our own response to suppress the guilt of killing and causing pain to others, or simply doing nothing to stop it?
  • Why do we let the government enforce so much control over our lives?
  • Though security in excess is clearly a problem, what do you think about an absence of security whatsoever? Is a basic level of security (ex. police force, warranted searches, etc.) necessary to maintain a stable society?
  • Is the abuse of power (at some point) a given consequence of being put in a position of authority?
  • What is your idea of a perfect society?
  • What security measures do you feel are an invasion of privacy/go too far?
  • With a disaster on any scale, would you say the natural response is to beef up security and what is your opinion on how Arapahoe High School should respond to the shooting in December?

Cory Doctorow Questions- Katelin Godfrey

1. Are any of the characters in Little Brother a direct reflection of your personal thoughts/ personality?
2. Did your personal thoughts and opinions evolve during the process of writing Little Brother?

Cory Doctrow Questions: Skype-Kodey Stauffer

Have you personally had any face-to-face mistreatment from the government?
Do you see any part of yourself in Marcus? If so, what parts of yourself do you feel you channeled into Marcus?
What did you want to convey more in Little Brother, and individual making a difference, or a group of people making a difference?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scribe 2/19 Max Wilson per. 5

  • Questions for Cory: On your blog
  • Ideas and Textual Quotes for LB F451 1984 Paper
    • What has society learned
      • Gov’t can be very powerful
    • What has society not learned
      • Havent figured happy medium for rights over safety or safety over rights
    • Where is society going

  • Tomorrow is an idea share for all of these
  • Outline for this paper online
  • Check agenda, it has important details


there are pretty flowers in your garden however they don’t smell very good

there are pretty flowers in your garden- Ind Cl
Compound Sentence
however they don’t smell very good- Ind Cl

on friday february 11 2011 i auditioned for the school play
Ind Cl Simple Sentence

Fish Bowl 18-End: The Fishbowl


How is Marcus in everyone of us?
  • Our ability to bounce back from hardship and to grow from it connects us to Marcus.

Is sending Severe Haircut Lady back to Afghanistan punishment enough, or does she deserve more severe consequences?
  • It isn't punishment, she is going there on duty. I think she deserves prison.

Do you think our government today actually looks out and cares about us?
  • Because many people do get off easy because they have connections or because they were just acting under orders. Life is not always just.

To make up, make a google doc (shared with Smith) and copy paste questions and comments and answer and respond to them.

Little Brother 18-End Period 5


Little Brother 18-End Period 3


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Period 5 Scribe 2/18/14

Mrs.Smith first greeted everyone with a warm " Hello everybody!" and the class responded as usual. We then jumped right into the class announcements which are as follows: 
- If we haven't yet finished the book, that is our number one priority.
- We need to prepare questions( at least three) for the final fishbowl on Little Brother tomorrow.
-Just as a head's up, our "kick-butt" synthesis essay on Fahrenheit 451Little Brother, and 1984 is due on Friday. Mrs.Smith swears that she will be totally hands-off on this essay, so it is up to the individual to decide their pace on writing the essay( please plan accordingly).
- Do not forget to do the easy CSAP packet this week.
- By Friday you need to post at least on question that you want to ask Cory Doctorow at the Skype on the class blog.Once you post your questions on the class blog, we will select 10 questions to ask Doctorow during the Skype.

After that brief introduction, Mrs.Smith went on to explain the upcoming essay details and her suggestions on how to approach it. Mrs.Smith suggests that those who are done reading Little Brother start looking for connections between each book and start planning the essay.
"The sooner you start generating those ideas, the sooner you can start finding textual examples," stated Mrs.Smith. Remember that in order to find quotes, you must first establish your big ideas and try to think about how each idea feeds off one another.

After that brief on the essay, the class was handed back their CSAP packets from last week and the packets that need to be finished this week while Mrs.Smith explained that the sentence of this week ( the one unlike the test). She described the sentence as "crushingly hard". The information and discussion on the grammar for the week is below( the pictures are at the bottom of this) :

  • Sentence #1:“there are pretty flowers in your garden however they dont smell very good”
  • the best way to do this is to rewrite the sentence to say “ pretty flowers are there in your garden”
    • what do you know are your nouns/ verbs/adjectives etc.? Label each accordingly
    • "very" is an adverb because it describes the adjective "good" in this sentence
    • in this case, "however" is not a subordinating conjunction. This is what makes this sentence so hard.
    • Mrs.Smith then gave the class some clues to finding adverbs and deemed adverbs the hardest part of speech to identify( these helpful hints are in bold below):
    • In this type of sentence, it is sometimes helpful to rewrite the sentence with the adverb behind the subject. In this case, the sentence would change to "pretty flowers are there in your garden” 
    • there is the adverb. We find this by asking "pretty flowers are where?" The answer to this is that the pretty flowers are “there”
    • Remember that adverbs modifies adjectives, verbs, and other adverbs
    • Remember that "not" is always an adverb
    • To find an adverb ask the questions “where?", "how?", "when", or "to what extent?"
    • In this sentence, "very" modifies “good”. "Very" answers the question “how?”
    • The trickiest question is “ to what extent?”. Mrs. Smith offered a sentence explaining the taste of bittersweet chocolate to provide an example of how an adverb can describe "to what extent".
    • Bittersweet chocolate looks like a really good Hershey bar. It looks really delicious, however [to what extend] it doesn't taste very good. 
    • Mrs.Smith then confessed that she left bittersweet chocolate on her kids' ice cream just to see them gag at the awful taste. The class protested that what she had done to her kids was unjustifiable and plain wrong. As a justification for her actions, Mrs.Smith told us that when she was growing up her brother thought it was so funny to leave the door of his car open and drive off, leaving Mrs.Smith to jump into the car while he was still driving. Of course, at just the right moment, her brother would slam on the brakes to send Mrs.Smith colliding with the door.
  • Mrs.Smith reminded us that we will not be tested on this type of sentence, "but," she warned, "those who score higher on SATs and ACTs are those who can break down sentences."
  • Sentence #2: "on friday february 11 2011 i auditioned for the school play"
    • Once we were done with the first hardest sentence, we jumped to the next sentence( we should know everything in this sentence)
  • The only tricky part about this sentence is knowing that "friday" is the object of the preposition while the rest of the date is the appositive( not the appositive phrase because it is classified as one proper noun not multiple proper nouns)
    Mrs.Smith then transitioned into her next scheduled activity with the question of "How many of you have ever heard of senate bill 191?. This bill," Mrs.Smith then went on to explain," required teachers to be evaluated by an evaluator. This year, though, the government has decided to evaluate teachers differently. Before, teacher evaluations consisted of an evaluator who would come into the class and leave feed back for the teachers. It was soon found out, though, that some evaluators were not giving accurate feed back because they would do a 'drive-through' glance of the classroom. This year, the government is asking the students to input a survey on the overall classroom experience." Mrs.Smith confessed that she signed her classes up to be guinea pigs for the survey. The survey is totally based on the student's perception and is totally anonymous. It asks us what each person thinks of her as a teacher. The class was asked to be totally honest because Mrs.Smith stated that this was an important tool that enables her to grow as a teacher. Before starting the survey, the class was asked to read the letter(linked on the calendar) that explains what the survey is and why it is important. This survey was totally optional but Mrs.Smith encouraged everyone to at least try to fill it out.
    When the class finished the survey( if they chose to take it), they had time to work on CSAP, Doctorow questions, reading Little Brother, or even their essays.

Sentence #1

Reworded Sentence #1

Sentence #2

Cory Doctorow Question

Please post at least one question you would like to ask Cory by Thursday, February 20th.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pd 5 Scribe 140214

Happy Valentine's Day! (if you're into that)

Smith left us all cute little chocolates then assigned reading Chapters 18-19 by Tuesday. Also, Josie Lee so graciously shared her cookies.

Then we turned in grammar and CSAP Prep and took the grammar quiz while 3 groups finished presenting their Ned Kelly/Marcus/Chicago Seven presentations.

Also, there was a fishbowl about Chapters 13-17 of Little Brother.

Little Brother 13-17 Period 5


Little Brother 13-17 Period 3


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scribe Period 3 2/13/14 Catherine Holmes

Presentation Day!!!

Today, we got to share and see the AMAZING projects made in class yesterday. (2/12/14) Each group presented their's, and when all were finished, we had a little bit of extra work time. Snippets from each group's presentation are shown below... Get ready to be blown away!

Topic of Interest: What do Ned Kelly, the Chicago Seven, and Marcus Yallow have in common?

GROUP 1: Made by Lauren, Jordan, Bella, Lexi, and Briana. 
This group re-wrote the lyrics to "Pompeii" and performed it in front of the entire group. Lauren and Jordan played the guitar and sang- it was incredibly well done. Afterward, Bella, Lexi, and Briana explained the message of the new lyrics. To view their project, click here.

GROUP 2: Made by Anisha, Danny, and Claire
This group's project was thrilling- a movie trailer with awesome visual effects that was fun to watch, and contained just the right amount of educational material. 

Group 3: Made by Lucy, Catherine, and Kate
This group used props and people to convey their message. They asked 3 volunteers from the audience to come up, whose job was to stand and get ready to look fabulous. Each volunteer represented a protester. Using a Google presentation with pictures to back them up, they each took turns explaining the similarities between Ned Kelly, Marcus Yallow, and the Chicago Seven. As each similarity was named, an object was put on each volunteer to represent that similarity. For example, Marcus, Ned Kelly, and the Chicago Seven were very young when they first started rebelling against their government. To symbolize this, each volunteer was given a bandanna to wear. 

Group 4: Made by Jack, Connor, Jackson, and Kyle
This group invented a Prezi that displayed the similarities between the 3 protest groups in an organized and interesting fasion. The music in the background certainly topped it off :).
To watch their presentation, click here. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Scribe for Period 3 English Honors 9

"carla looked at herself in the mirror and recited the poem fire and ice"
"we saw a midsummer nights dream at the buell theatre after we saw the play at ahs"

We worked on a presentation of three people, Ned Kelly, Marcus and the Chicago Seven and created a creative way to compare them on how they are the same and present in a creative way.

Ideas for where to present:
-Google Presentation
-Lucid Chart
-Flip Snack
-Move Note
-Tan doos

Mrs. Smith, 
“Be dazzling, be interesting”

Homework: Read through chapter 15 of Little Brother, Ned Kelly presentation, CSAP packet, Grammar