Friday, January 31, 2014

Scribe 1/31/14 Jordan C.

Welcome to class!
We started class off by hearing the announcements here is a link to the daily announcements:

Hello Smith!
 After this we took our DOL quiz and Claire distributed the muffins she brought for our new muffin Fridays. they sure were delicious!
After we took the quiz we redistributed them and then graded them. In the extra credit question we learned that Mrs. Smith likes the muffin tops.

After this we signed up for fishbowl presenting and discussing for our new book Little Brother. We also checked out books. Remember you can download a copy of Little Brother on

After this we worked on our posters that asked; Where are we going? What have we learned? What have we not learned? What are the solutions? Remember to start thinking about these questions as you begin to read Little Brother.

Our homework for this weekend was to read part of Little Brother 1-5 fishbowl on Wednesday the 5th. and also if we wanted to get started on the new CSAP packet due next Friday.

Have a good weekend! Go Broncos!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Scribe 1/30/14: Jordan C. Period 3

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a great day. Today's class description goes as so:

Hello Smith!
We started off our day with practicing and checking our Daily Oral Grammar (DOL)
The sentences are:
jeb likes cars but he cant drive yet
kristin watched the tv show law and order in her law class
Our practice sentence is:
david saw the movie alvin and the chipmunks in his kindergarten class

The answers to these sentences are in these links!


Next in our class we had a fishbowl discussion on pages 224-298, in 1984.

Some of the topics we talked about were the actions of O'Brien and his relationship with Winston, how the society in this book runs off of fear and how this is coming true in our society. We also talked about why Orwell decided to write this book, and how we have selfishness as a human quality. Some questions were; what does fear mean, how has their situation come true in our society, how did Winston turn into loving Big Brother, and how did pain affect the way Winston reacted, and would we give up the people we love if we are being tortured like Winston,etc.

The link to the Cover it Live conversation is:

 So this is what we did in our class today! Have a great night!

Caroline McPhillips Scribe Period 5 1/30/14

Homework: Google Site, CSAP, DOL


We did our final fishbowl for 1984 over pages 224-298

1984 225-end Period 3


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday, January 29th Scribe PERIOD 3

Today in Mrs. Smith's honors English class, we discussed Tuesday and Wednesday grammar notes as well as practiced them on the example sentences she gave us at the beginning of the week. She explained to us what a compound sentence was, which is a sentence with two independent clauses in it. She then gave us a practice sentence we could use to practice what he learned on.

The sentence: david saw the movie alvin and the chimpmunks in his kindergarten class

Afterwords, we talked about the Soul Pancake video we watched yesterday, which can be seen here, and how it made us feel. She asked us if we had liked the mental healing time and suggested that we watch a Soul Pancake video every now and then for a little breather.

Mrs. Smith then allowed us to break ourselves up into separate groups so that we could all work on four different posters for our upcoming essay on 1984 and 451. The four posters included ideas provided with examples from the text on the subjects we learned, hadn't learned (not learned), where we are going, and solutions. She explained to us that this would help us with the brainstorming for our essay and would assist us in finding things from the books instead of leafing through the pages.

Class was dismissed after.

1984 225-298 Period 5


1984 225-298 Period 3


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

English 9H Period 5 Scribe - 1/28/14

At the beginning of class, Mrs. Smith handed back our grammar worksheet from last week and Einstein’s Practical Joke CSAP packet from last week. Then, we took out this week’s grammar worksheet and went over the Tuesday notes in the purple packet (Sentence Parts and Phrases.) Here are the labels:
jeb likes cars but he can’t drive yet
  • jeb - S1 (We used 1 as a superscript to show that jeb is the first subject in the sentence)
  • likes - V1 (“likes” is the first verb of the sentence)
  • cars - d.o.
  • he - S2
  • can drive - V2
kristin watched the tv show law and order in her law class
  • kristin - S
  • watched - V
  • show - d.o.
  • law and order - app.
  • in her law class - prep phrase
  • class - o.p.
After grammar, Smith showed us this video about gratitude:
After the video she gave us time to show gratitude to others by writing letters or calling someone if we wanted to. The rest of the class was free time for whatever we needed to do, whether it was having a mental break or working on homework.
  • Read 224-end
  • Google Site
  • CSAP Packet

Monday, January 27, 2014

Max Wilson per. 5 1/27/14 E9H Scribe

Max Wilson

  • Google Site
  • Read to end of book, Fish Bowl Thursday
  • CSAP Packet: Words to Live By
  • Grammar Week 3


jeb likes cars but he can’t drive yet

  • Break contractions into two words(can’t=cannot
  • jeb- N
  • likes- av
  • cars- n
  • but- Coordinating Conjunction (Monday page)
  • he- Pronoun
  • can- helping verb (helps drive)
  • not- adverb ALWAYS
  • yet- adverb (answers when)
  • Adverb questions: How? When? Where? To what extent?

kristin watched the tv show law and order in her law class

  • kristin- N
  • Watched- av
  • the- article
  • tv- adjective (describes show)
  • show- n
  • law and order- bracket and label N
  • in- prep
  • her- poss pro
  • law- adj
  • class- n


  • Last 3 q’s:
    • Paint by numbers: Paint in colors in certain numbers
    • Topic Sentence: Restate Question, Answer Question and WHY
    • Explain your topic sentence- DETAILS 2 points supporting as a minimum
    • Conclude
    • 31: Full sentence with why

    • 32: Tricky
      • Low space and 2 questions: Write small because IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
      • Big writers really need to write small
        • The point of the story is… and it illustrates…
        • Explain
        • Conclude

Go over blog and write comments and questions (goog docx shared with Mrs. Smith or just write comments on blog). Edit yourself in, at the bottom or on a goog docx.

Example Q’s and Comments:

If you were in Winston's position, would you trust O'Brian?
Kira: I would not have trusted O'Brien because he could be the thought police.

In a world where people die every day would you make friends or be like O'Brien?
Steven: I think it would be easy for me to make friends, but after a while I would learn that in some ways it's not worth making friends and getting attached to people if they are going to be killed and leave me with a broken heart.

Did anyone notice how both The Brotherhood and Big Brother both don't value life, but differently? How so do they not appreciate life in their different ways?
Both of them see people as objects, ont actual human beings.

What is the purpose of Julia in this book?
The purpose of Julia is to spark Winston's rebellion and lead to his capture.

Example of Paint-By-Numbers:

Period 3 Scribe of 1/27/14

Today, January 27th, we started off class as usual by talking about homework. Tonight's homework is to read from page 224 to the end of 1984, work on your google site, and to work on the CSAP packet called Words to Live By which was handed out in class.

Once the CSAP packets were handed out, we took some some quick notes on how to correctly do a one paragraph answer for the questions on the back of the packet. When writing a one paragraph answer start by restating the question asked, then answer the question while remembering to give an explanation to your answer. After all this is done you just need to conclude your paragraph.

After the CSAP packet, we got two new sentences for daily grammar. The first sentence goes like this, " jeb likes cars but he can't drive yet ". The next sentence is as follows," kristen watched the tv show law and order in her law class ". We then did the parts of speech for both of these sentences using the Monday notes in our purple grammar packet.

After the grammar was done we started our fishbowl which went along swimmingly. The outside circle discussion should be found approximately 4 posts under this one.

That's pretty much what we did today. If you have any more questions about what we did you can always check the weekly agenda which will have the homework posted and an overview of what we did today or you can email Mrs. Smith.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Jack Lebar 1/24/14 E9H Period 3 Scribe

At the beginning of class on the 24th, we turned in our CSAP packets: Einstein's Practical Joke. Also we turned in out practice grammar sheets that contained the DOL sentences that we had been working on all week. We then took the grammar quiz.

After the quiz we listened to songs about the book 1984 and we annotated and discussed the song lyrics. The link to the song lyrics can be found on Smith's agenda. Go to the the song lyrics link and click
File > Make a Copy, now you will have your own song lyrics which you can annotate.

Homework: read pgs. 167 - 224 for Fishbowl on Monday; Google Site

Saturday, January 25, 2014

1-24-14 Scribe Period 5 English 9H

Friday's class:

-Turn in CSAP packets: Einstein's Practical Joke
-Turn in grammar exercises
-Take grammar quiz
-Listen to and annotate songs from 1984
-Read 1984 for Monday Fishbowl: pg. 167-224
-CSAP for next week: Words to Live By

-Read for Fishbowl on Monday
-Google site

Friday, January 24, 2014

1984 167-224 Period 5


1984 167-224 Period 3


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scribe 1/23/14 Period 5

The first thing we did today was DOL; we added punctuation and diagramming to the sentences.  The sentences and diagrams are included below, and the explanations should be in your purple packet.  The last picture is of a sentence we were given to practice.

Next, and for the rest of the hour, we did a 1984 fishbowl for pages 117 to 167.  (link to blog)

Homework: CSAP packet, DOL, read 1984 (pages 167-224), work on Google Site

1984 117-167 Period 5


1984 117-167 Period 3


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sydney Maxson Scribe 1-21-14 -- English 9 Honors Period 3

Today we...

  • Worked on grammar:
    • Sentence 1: my friend alex plays tennis
    • Sentence 2: our friend tom will be the next president after obama
    • We did both Monday and Tuesday work from the packet
  • Received our CSAP packet for this week, due on Friday.
  • Had a Fischbowl on pages 69-117 in 1984. Some big things we talked about was if our government hides things from us and the relationship between Winston and the girl from work.


  • DOL
  • CSAP packet
  • Read 117-167 for the Fischbowl on Thursday
  • Work on your google site

1/21/14-Period 5 Scribe: Tatum Ramsey


1) Grammar work
-DOL 3: my friend alex plays tennis
              our friend tom is the next president after obama
CSAP: Einstein's Joke: handout packet
Fishbowl pages 69-117
Read 117-147
HW: Read, CSAP, DOL, Google Site
Topics for Fishbowl:
-Would you rather have privacy or protection by the government?
-Once Winston received the note that said "I love you" Winston wanted to live again. Without relationships how low does the value of life fall?
-Does crime prevention justify constant surveillance?
-Why can no one seem to recall the dates and times of specific events and memories?
-How does this society suppress ideas and thoughts?

1984 69-117 Period 5


1984 69-117 Period 3


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scribe 1-16-14 Bella Heisler Period 3

Homework: 69-117, CSAP, DOL, Little Brother Letter signed

Watched Macintosh commercial and connected to 1984
  • dull colors until the girl runs in
  • music and sound is technological-like
  • official sounding
  • people act like prisoners
  • 2 minutes of hate
  • macintosh will change society
  • encourages individuality
  • use of woman rather than man
  • “you don’t have to worry, 1984 won’t happen with our computers" is the message

Watched Obama commercial

  • Hillary Clinton is painted as Big Brother
  • iPod with girl to make more modern
  • obama emblem on t-shirt

  • Look over your thursday and friday grammar
  • Practice grammar

Scribe 1/16/14 Period 5

Today we went over more grammar, including punctuation, capitalization, and mapping sentences.

In the above example, the subject (team) and the verbs (will practice) go on the main line.  “Their” describes “team,” so it is written at a slant down from “team.”  “After” and “school” describe when the practice is, so “after” is written at a slant because it is a preposition, and “school” is written on the connecting line below it because it is a noun.  “Their” should be capitalized because it is the beginning of the sentence, as indicated by the three lines below the “T.”  There should also be a period at the end of the sentence, as marked above.

In this example, “several” is on the main line because it is the subject, “ate” because it is the verb, and “meal” because it is the direct object.  “Of the dogs” is a prepositional phrase that describes “several,” so “of” connects to “several” because it is a preposition, and “dogs” connects to “of” because it is the noun in the prepositional phrase.  “The” is the article that describes “dogs,” so it is written on a line coming off of “dogs.”  “Their” is the personal pronoun that describes “meal,” so it connects to “meal.”  Again, “several” should be capitalized, and there should be a period at the end of the sentence.

After learning the above grammar, we took a practice test that imitated the test we will be taking tomorrow, Friday, January 16th.  We were given the sentence “many of the students practiced their grammar,” and we filled in everything we were taught this week using our purple packets.  This is what we should have written:

After the DOL, we compared two commercials, Olympics and Clinton.  I linked the videos in the underlined names.

Last but not least, we were given free time to do work of our choice, including the CSAP packet and improving our websites.  Above are some ideas of pages to have on our websites.  We were also given a permission slip for our parents to sign if they permit us to read our next book, Little Brother, which contains some controversial material.  Homework is to read pages 69 to 117 from 1984, complete the CSAP packet, study for our DOL quiz, and get the Little Brother letter signed.