Monday, March 17, 2014

Scribe 3/17/14 3rd Hour

The day started off with announcements (more info here) as always, then the class shouted the traditional, "Hello, Smith!"
Today, recalling parts for Act 1 was total chaos until people finally stopped chatting and started remembering their parts. A few people were gone, so substitutes had to be made for several of the characters.
We read from about pg41 to pg65 in the Folger Edition. We continued to annotate our books, add to the LucidCharts (due Wednesday), and take notes on who is imitating whom vs. who is whom. Near the end of today's section, a few new characters appeared: Petruchio, who wants to marry Katherine just for the money, and Grumio, Petruchio's servant (and Hortensio's friend). It is best to take notes on the section that we just read, as it will be confusing to keep the characters correct in our minds because hardly anyone is who they seem to be.
After we finished Act 1, we took a vote on whether we should take the quiz today while it's fresh in our minds or take it tomorrow with the other one. It was concluded that we would take it today, so we did.
HW: Bring in magazines, work on symbolic relations charts, and review previous annotations.


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