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Scribe 3/17/14 Period 5 Sophie Kramer

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Mrs.Smith first welcomed the class with a big "Hello class!" and the class routinely answered "Hello Mrs.Smith!". The class jumped right into the day's work from there. Mrs.Smith began by introducing and explaining all of the homework for tonight. The homework is as follows:
  • Finish the lucid chart by Wednesday
  • Continue to annotate and take notes on The Taming of the Shrew
  • Review notes on Taming of the Shrew
  • Bring in magazines for the art project that we will be doing for the book through Act 2 and Act 3
  • No grammar or CSAP this week
The teacher then went on to explain the details of the lucid chart that everyone was supposed to start on over the weekend. Mrs.Smith educated the class on the purpose of the lucid chart. The relationships in this book are very complicated already within the first scene and it will only get more complex as characters start changing names in order to disguise their true identities. Due to the complexity of the play, it is important to make your lucid chart very detailed, including images/pictures to explain the relationships and the personalities in/between each character. Lucidchart does not always work, depending on the computer, so if Lucidchart is not working for you, Mrs.Smith has  permitted students to draw their chart by hand if they will be EXTREMELY CAREFUL with their penmanship. Mrs.Smith has made it clear that she wants each of these charts to be very clean and neat.
After a  brief relapse over today's homework, Mrs.Smith then transitioned the class to the next subject. She was deciding whether to give the Act 1:1 quiz in class today or to wait and give to quizzes over Act 1:1 and Act 1:2 at the same time. Instead of determining the right choice by herself, Mrs.Smith enabled the class to help her choose. We took a vote. Those in favor of taking the test immediately stood up. As the teacher counted, her face grew troubled while she relayed the news that the votes were tied. Slowly but surely, three more people stood up to vote for the testing to begin immediately and the votes leaned to that side. With an exclamatory "OK", Mrs.Smith declared that the class would be testing on Act 1:1 in class immediately. To be fair, Smith gave the class five minutes to review their notes and annotations before they were required to pick up a test. The class was then given ten-ish minutes to start and finish the test. Towards the beginning of the test, one person asked for an extra credit question. However, later on in the test,  when Mrs.Smith had still not posted the extra credit question, another person asked her for one. The class exploded with shushes and yelling as they begged the speaker not to go on. Of course, by then it was too late and the question had been asked. No extra credit question was given. Most of the class finished within ten minutes and before long the class had erupted into full on chatter. Realizing that the class had finished the test, Smith proceeded to round up the class with the question "Where do we need to be?". This was followed by a halfhearted response of "in our chairs" by a few classmates. The class then took out their copies of Taming of the Shrew in order to begin reading Act 1:2. Before the class jumped into the play, Smith reviewed each participating classmate's role in the play. Many people did not remember who they were playing, so new roles were assigned. The story was interrupted on only a few occasions by confused classmates as more characters were introduced and older characters started changing their names. The following is a summary of what was read in class today:
Petruchio, a friend of Hortensio, is coming with his servant, Grumio, to Padua because his father, Antonio, has just died and he figured that while he was in Padua he would pay a visit to Hortensio. On the way to Padua, Petruchio's servant, Grumio, is told to knock on Hortensio's door yet Grumio thinks that Pertuchio is commanding that he punches him (Petruchio). After a long and unnecessary quarrel, Petruchio slaps Grumio on his ears for not opening the door like a  good servant should.  
Due to his father's death, Petruchio has been left alone with only enough money to travel to Padua and because of this, he wants more money and preferably a wife to come with it. Needless to say, Petruchio is a gold-digger and only desires to get money from marriage. When Petruchio meets up with Hortensio, Hortensio mentions that Katherine, who has a lot of money but is very ill-tempered, is looking to be wed and her father will most likely accept anyone willing to wed her. Petruchio is not at all turned off by the fact that Katherine( who's real name is Katherina) is an sharp-tongued shrew because her faults do not overcast the fact that she has money. He decides that he will try to woo her.  
Meanwhile, Lucentio has traded places with his servant Tranio in order to be able to tutor Bianca. He has decided that he will be teach Bianca about language and literature and has changed his name to Cambio. Lucentio, now Cambio, goes to Gremio, Baptista's neighbor and another suitor of Bianca, to ask Gremio if he would hire him as Bianca's  tutor. Lucentio promises Gremio that if hires him as a tutor, he will talk highly of Gremio and praise him, therefore making Bianca interested in Gremio. Of course, Lucentio will actually be praising himself. Hortensio has also decided to disguise himself so that he can tutor Bianca in music. He has named himself Litio. 

Mrs.Smith drew out a chart of relationships  that is up to date with  Act 1:2. The drawing is below:
The class ended without a chance to finish Act 1:2 but it is not too far away from moving on to Act 2.

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