Monday, March 10, 2014

Period 5 Scribe March 10, 2014

Hi everyone! We did quite a bit today. I had a hard time uploading the pictures that I took, so I typed them out instead below.
9th and 10th Graders
11:00-11:30 Lunch T
11:35-12:25 1st T
12:30-1:20 2nd T
1:25-2:16 3rd T

For the Writing Portion here is an outline:
Thesis: restate, answer strong verb b/c________
Body Paragraph (3)
T.S b/c____________
Explain: pt. paragraph, thesis
Explain: pt. paragraph, thesis
Conclusion Sentence
Conclusion Paragraph
Restate Thesis
Review points
Satisfying Conclusion

Tips from Smith

- try looking at one of the questions and not the entire test
-try your best
- bring a book to testing (you are only allowed to read or sit quietly)
-You are not allowed to write or draw after you are done testing
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!  

These are the sentences:
pro    AV        infinitive   n       sub coord   pro     n           AV      Infinitive      prep    n     
we   wanted   to   play  soccer   however   our   friends   wanted   to   listen   (to   music)
s          v                          DO                              s               v                               

corr c    N    corr c  pro     AV   art    poss n      n/DO
both     anne   and     i       forgot   the   books    title
         lsubject           l

We are learning about what infinitives are. Try to compare them to your world language class.
  • Infinitives: to +verb
  • can act like a noun, adjective, or an adverb
We also learned about correlative conjunctions: not only/ but also, neither/nor, either/ or, both/and  

Romantic Love Quiz
We did an activity where we were asked questions and were asked to disagree or agree. We  gave our opinions about all of these the topics and decided to do a little bit of a debate. We had some great opinions!  
These were the things that were asked:
  • Love means never having to say you're sorry
  • Teenagers cannot experience true love
  • no one is ever too young to fall in love
  • it is better to have loved and lost than never loved at all
  • love at first sight is possible
  • love never changes
  • If you are really in love, physical appearance doesn't matter
  • You have to work at love
Other things that we did/talked about:
  • We checked out new books: Taming of the Shrew
  • make sure that you have your audio linked to your poem for the children.
copy of Taming, bring reading book to TCAP tests, outline essay before writing
Good luck and have a great week!!! Eliana Lander 

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