Friday, May 9, 2014

Scribe 5/9/14 3rd Hour

There were some drawings on the board today that I didn't remember to take a picture of, but trust me, they were all great.
We started the day with announcements (or rather, talking over the announcements. good job, guys!).
So, if you missed those you can find them right here.

At the beginning of class, we received Warrior Strong bracelets, key chains, and little note cards that had the acronym STRONG on them w/ an explanation. Thank you to Ben Chisholm of TSA, as well as the Arapahoe administration!

Today was Friday, and Bella Heis brought in a cookie/cake thing (not sure what to call it) and some cupcakes. Happy birthday Bella, and happy early birthday, Jack! Thanks for the food, Bella!

After the food frenzy that took place at Bella's table, Smith suggested that we go back to our seats and work. She demonstrated how to time slides in google drive, and instructions on how to do that are on the sixth slide right here
After she explained that, we had the rest of class to work and practice our speeches/slides.

HOMEWORK: Practice Intro-End of your TED Talk (Smith Plan), or Intro-End add visuals (Slacker Plan, I think we chose to call it). Try to take Mother's Day off, or at least take part of it to enjoy with your mom. :) That's all, and have an awesome weekend! 

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