Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ken Robinson SR

Sir Ken Robinsons’ “How Schools Kill Creativity”, expresses how the school system fails to conform to all types of genius. Robinson proves this point by displaying the traditional learning system and how it destroys unconventional subjects.

Sir Ken Robinsons’ How Schools Kill Creativity”, accurately portrays that the education system today is discouraging kids to have creative jobs. The system does this by creating a hierarchy of subjects, making how students learn the same for every subject, and depicting mistakes to be unacceptable. Ken says that current public schooling holds the “core” classes as more important than classes that incorporate creativeness (Robinson). Richard Florida explains the importance of creativity “The key to economic growth lies not just in the ability to attract the creative class, but to translate that underlying advantage into creative economic outcomes in the form of new ideas, new high-tech businesses and regional growth (Florida). This shows how important creativeness is to the economy and ultimately the future. How students learn is very important and affects how effective a learning environment is. Robinson states that almost every country learns in the same way and it demolishes creative urges (Robinson). General Psychology defines learning as “acquiring relatively permanent change in behavior through experience” ( With the same experience we will never learn anything new. Proving that our public schooling system is distinguishing new ideas. What students learn in school today is how to be right and that being wrong is not acceptable. Robinson states that kids today are formed to think that being right nine times out of ten and all other mistakes are fatal flaws. Creativity is based on performing mistakes. James Joyce once said “mistakes are the portals of discovery” (James Joyce). This quote explains that without mistakes the human race would never advance. With these philosophies absent in schools society will never evolve from the industrial revolution. Creativity is the bridge to enlightenment and advancement. Without creativity society will always be stuck in the past.

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