Thursday, April 10, 2014

Scribe April 10,2014 P5(Griffin)

Scribe      April 10, 2014
Announcements:         .          
  • Mrs. Brock is coming in tomorrow so we need to take the personality type test on Naviance
  • Results on Naviance personality test need to be printed and brought in by April 11 (reminder: it is just an online test, it is not an oracle).
  • Next Fishbowl has moved to April 17 since the 16th is registration: Our discussion will not just focus on Design but also development, don’t limit yourself on those 18 pages before the portfolio. Remember to read the introduction to the 6 senses as well.
  • Sentence due on April 11

We have 2 blogs due next week Free choice for Friday, And Sir Ken Robinson is due on wednesday
Start ahead and you might want to look a week ahead so you can make your life easier by starting during the weekend

Mrs. Lewallan then helped us set up an account on Naviance           .
(You can find her in the Guidance Center)
To register you need a code. Everyone in class got one today, but if you lost yours or need one, you can obtain a Naviance code by contacting Mrs. Lewallan.

To register on Naviance:          .
Begin at the Arapahoe Home Page
Click on the Student tab
click on Naviance Family Connection
click on “I need to register”’
enter the 6 character registration code
complete required information (email that you’ll most likely look at and password)
Remember login information
username: e-mail
password: password you created

To take the test:          .
Log into a Naviance account (You should get familiar with it)
Click “about me”
Click “my personality type”
Click “start assessment”
The Assesment will take about 15 minutes in total
Print out the graph page with a “narrative” of you.
when you are done, print it or take a screenshot immediately because it might not be accessible later on.

Tips:                                                                                  .
Read through it quickly
Choose the one that you are most like
You get better results if you choose the first gut feeling you have
Don’t ponder on the choices

We then talked about fishbowl:          .
We talked about how there were lots of views and the difference between discussing nonfiction and fiction. We decided that this book was scary if you were left brained with strong opinionated views. As well, since it is so easy to debate, Smith gave us the advice to be careful to explain your thoughts without “poking people in the stomach”. Smith then gave us a few suggestions to help us in fishbowl, such as:
  • questioning the things you know are true makes you stronger
  • Discussions can be real fruitful if we have that open mind and bring in outside resources

We then took the type test, make sure to print it off (found on Naviance)          .
2. we then took the brains test online, it isn’t 100% percent accurate (found on power point)
3. Then take the fun exam (found on power point)
We then had our own time to either converse, write our summaries, read, annotate, etc.

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