Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Scribe P5: April 8th 2014

  • Smith began with her normal opening (hello class HELLO SMITH).
  • She then told us that she will be absent tomorrow as she will be with her friend’s son, who is having his heart examined (he was born with a heart that was underdeveloped on the  left side).
  • She took volunteers for jobs she would normally perform at the fishbowl tomorrow: Blake and Will will control the CoverItLive and Diana will keep track of the inner circle conversation.
  • And then she reiterated (multiple times) that our sentence must be ONE SENTENCE.
  • She said that there is no “wrong’ to the sentence, as long as it is A SENTENCE. (that is, it could be your purpose, what you live your life by, something that you believe in, etc.)
  • We finished the “If I should have a daughter” TED Talk ( Link to Sarah’s TED Talk video: http://www.ted.com/talks/sarah_kay_if_i_should_have_a_daughter.html) and Smith stated that the only rule for our TED talk is that it must be an idea worth spreading.
  • Smith had everyone open up a google doc to take notes on what Sarah (the TED Talk speaker) did well in her speech: we made a table:

Speaking Techniques
Spoken Word Poetry: expresses ideas in a different way
Passion: energy
Personal Stories
Open yourself up to hurts in the world to see the beauty
She knew what she was going to say: memorized speech
Develop talents to succeed
Confidence: stance, voice, movements, very sure of herself and her words, memorized speech
Tone of voice- adds to the story
Express yourself rather than hiding who you are
Gesticulation- used hand movements for emphasis
Don’t let yourself be unfazed by what goes on around you
Loose, Relaxed: Practiced, but takes things in stride
Played with audience’s emotions

Free flowing, pacing (of her words)
Got audience involved

Very descriptive

Good pace of speech- not too fast or too slow

Related to the audience: Used information people could connect to

Lots of eye contact: with entire crowd (but without scanning them)

Strong posture

  • and began a summary response for the “If I should have a daughter” TED Talk with a basic “template”:
In Sarah Kay’s “If I Had a Daughter”, Kay [explains] the importance of walking through life with open arms because, without doing so, ___[we lose our humanity, become hard-shelled, etc.)____ happens.
  • Point one of summary (insert as many as needed to summarize succinctly and accurately)
  • Point two of summary
Sarah Day in the TED Talk “If I…” [correctly- opinion] [illustrates] the importance of being vulnerable because, without vulnerability…
  • Kay “you’ll miss out on life if you don’t walk around with open arms”
    • Education
    • World
    • Videos
    • Songs
    • Ideas
  • Smith then gave us ten minutes of work time and told us that from now on, we will be the ones extending our own learning- that we have to welcome every time that we walk into the classroom and embrace challenges.

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