Thursday, April 17, 2014

Scribe (Griffin) April 17, 2014 Period: 5

Today was fishbowl             .
HW: Blog 2 due tomorrow, Possibility is for a choice blog is Duckworth’s grit
You should have lots of comments on your first blog.
Helpful Tips:
  • you should have the link to the video in your blog
  • think about verbs, using digital enhancements,
  • don’t use because in topic sentences,
  • link to sources, extend,
  • focus on spacing
  • look at the word color,
  • analyze speaking style,
  • don’t use personal words
  • look at blog after you post it

we then looked at our schedule :
The first page should have the schedule that we desire next year for first and second semester with section and course numbers
Ex: open master schedule, find American Lit. Honors
If want Mrs. Ackerman 2nd hour
Amer. Lit. Honors ____I_______________________________________________________>
208011.5-20 I
Tips on scheduling:
  • Start with core classes then work with that
  • Don’t do schedule in pen, do it in pencil
  • Have enough alternate classes that if you don’t get what you want, then you can get another class that interests you.
  • Be calm during arena schedule
  • Get the teacher initials before the 28th
  • Use the practice sheet, it’s not required, but it is smart
Tomorrow is going to be work time, and 15 min. of discussion time on design.        .

a few Questions
Comment From Eliana
Would you buy something that is not good looking? Would you buy something that does not have a function?

Comment From Kira P
Does everyone have the capability to be a designer?

Comment From Paige Paulsen
Would it be fair to say that public schools try to offer a wide variety of subjects? Would it be better to have many specialized schools or maintain the current standard of teaching a little about a lot in one setting?

Comment From Steven Hindman  
How much does this hammer cost?

Comment From Comment From Steven Hindman
How about this one?

A few answers:

Comment From Caroline McPhillips  
Eliana: I think it depends on how well the product works. I think that company would have to market their product more and "harder" if that makes sense

Josie Lee:
Kira: I definitely think that we all have potential to be designers, and I think that our ability to comprehend things differently gives us more f a chance to do design. Just the fact that we all learn differently proves that we are all original

Comment From Amy R  
Paige: I think that specialized schools should become more widely available for right now, the only magnet school for kids in our area is DSA and STEM, which can both be pretty far away from Centennial/Littleton/suburbs area. I think that traditional schooling should still be kept, but also make magnet schools more widespread & accessible.

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