Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Scribe: 4-23-14 P5

SHORT ACT DAY (23 minutes total)

First, Smith read off the schedule for the class (click here for today’s schedule). 

Then two former TED Talk students (one of them from Moritz’s class and one from Smith’s) gave their tips. To listen to their tips (combined with Smith’s), click here (it’s 13:02 minutes long).

Smith then discussed the Shirky Summary Response, asking what the importance of our global-connectedness through technology is… She said (that Shirky said) that we can change the world, because collective intelligence is so huge that it can create results of great communal and civic value (citing Syria, Egypt, Kony 2012, and Ukraine as examples of where the collective information brought issues to light). Smith stressed that we go further in our response than just the speech of Shirky. She said that we keep limiting ourselves in our writing; she asked that, instead, we extend our thinking.

Smith then talked us through a 3 minute mental health check (the overall consensus was that everyone was STRESSED OUT).

Homework: TED Blog 4 due tomorrow, read Symphony

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