Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Scribe 9 Honors 8/28/13

General Overview: On Wednesday August 18, 2013, we fell short on time due to the first late start of the year. Despite this disadvantage, we maintained the daily routine of recording homework and reviewing the agenda. Initially, our attention and efforts were directed towards discussing our progress and/or questions concerning the SAT Exercise Lesson 1 (exercise 1-4 and Identifying Errors Section- do not complete 5) and then we continued work on our “Bully” analysis which includes notes that will assist us in writing a summary and personal review of the documentary.

Section 1 of Class: Review SAT Exercises and Address Questions
SAT Exercise work: due on Friday; there will also be a quiz on the material covered on pages 15-16 (vocab words: must know the word with correct spelling, its part of speech, and the definition); if you have any further questions email Ms. Smith or a friend in the class and it is in your best interest to finish the work before tomorrow as we will have other assignments such as the “Bully” summary and review; DON’T PROCRASTINATE!

Exercise III Questions: This section prompted the most issues in terms of what sort of answers the question was asking for and how to answer in the correct format. Here is a reminder of Ms. Smith’s explanation from earlier today: fill in the blanks using your knowledge of the roots and prefixes, and suffixes provided in the space above the questions in exercise 3 (in italics) Some words can be found in the list from part 1. of the exercise while the others must be constructed from the roots, prefixes, and suffixes in italics.
ex. If you have an effusive personality, then it “pours out” of you. effusive e= “out or from” fus= “to pour or melt”
Motor oil will diffuse across the gravel if it spills out of the can. dif= “apart” fus= “to melt or pour out”

We continued to discuss Exercise 4: complete sentences using inference.
 ex. factious: The ambassador is prompting tension among the congregation of envoys: to reference Ms. Smith’s example: the ambassadors from the U.S., China, and Russia are convening; Russia’s representative insinuates that China is spying on the U.S. and China confidentially claims the same of Russia. Their intentions are to create a barrier between the U.S. and the third party, a situation which reflects the nature of the word; an adjective that defines something as being a source of disagreement.

The final section of the SAT Exercise for Lesson 1 is the Identifying and Improving (REMINDER: Do not forget to complete the work on pages 22 and 23; while Exercise 5 is not required the Identifying and Improving work is!)

Section 2 of Class: We all pulled out our laptops to continue recording notes on “Bully”. Connect to essential question: To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our lives/choices and affect our relationships?
When taking notes on your reaction consider the following question: How has this video changed you such as your views on the world and society and the interactions between children?
Be prepared to write a summary of main points and your reactions; include quotes and specific references, etc… video cut off at 48:50; we will finish viewing tomorrow.

Homework: All conferences should have been scheduled by now, but you may make an appointment in Ms. Smith's planner if you have not already or if you need to meet for any other reason; do not forget the date of your meeting with Ms. Smith to discuss your Letter of Expectations. Homework related to “Bully”, as in the summary and the review, has been postponed until further notice- it will be assigned once we finish video notes.

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