Thursday, August 29, 2013

Scribe 8-29 English 9 Honors

Scribe 8/29 English 9 Honors
Today's Schedule 
We finished the bullying video today, here are some links you can access it at; we were at about an hour:, sorry about the weird subtitles

The SAT word quiz tomorrow will look like this:
Word Part of Speech Definition
1. ________       n.                   ___________
2. factious _________  __________
3 _______ _________ rude or impolite

Bully Video Discussion
Big Ideas
Everything starts with one
Get back up when people push you down
Don’t be a bully
Bullying doesn't affect just one person, affects everyone: families friends, school, communities
You are loved no matter what
Being different can make a difference
You have to actually do something to make a difference
Sometimes sweetness and love is all you need
Bring awareness to epidemic of bulling -> speak up
Kids are bullied both physically and mentally with scarring impacts from both

Summary Response - Due Tuesday
Summary 1/3 - no opinion in a summary, no personal words
  • topic sentence:title, author, main idea… ex: In Lee Hirsch’s documentary “Bully”, Hirsch informs his audience of the exponential growth of bullying in today’s society.
  • summarize main points of movie can use some specific examples, but better to stick to big ideas… ex: kids taking lives b/c they were bullied, authorities made excuses, didn’t try to stop (ignored warning signs such as reports of bullying incidents), kids not speaking up, or accepting it’s ok; parents not advocating , administrators not following through, kids that are bullying -> no recognition, no acceptance of responsibility, parents not teaching them right and wrong
  • concluding sentence

Response 2/3 - heart and soul, respond/react

  • topic sentence: argumentative/ reactionary statement with a why; connect with essential question… ex: In Lee Hirsch’s Bully, the administrators dismissal of bullying as a problem exemplifies why bullying has become an epidemic in society; by simply stating that kids are “good as gold”, administration dismisses the lives of those who've taken their own life as a result of bullying”
  • specific examples/ explanation to support thesis (2-3)... ex: tyler, alex, ja’meya- explain, connect back to main idea
  • concluding sentence

The Lord of the Flies annotations got handed back, if you want to do a redo we're talking about the due date for those tomorrow.

HW: Summer Response due Tuesday, SAT Exercises due tomorrow

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