Saturday, August 31, 2013

8-28 Scribe 9 Honors Period 3


  • Morning announcements

  • We looked at the the SAT Exercises and went over some questions that there were
    • Exercise 3: Question 2
If you have an effusive personality, then it _______ of you. Motor oil will _______ across the gravel if it spills out of the can.
The first answer is pours out because the prefix e means “out” or “from” and the root fus means “melt” or “pour out”, so the two combined means “pour out or from” and “pours out” fits into the sentence perfectly.
The second answer is is found when you use the root meanings listed above the questions, di means “apart” and fus means “melt” or “pour out” so they combine to make the answer, diffuse.

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