Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Scribe 9 Honors 8/21/13

Today in class, we started off by going over who’d be scribe and had anybody who hadn’t signed up for scribe, to find two days on the calendar that they’d be scribe and do exactly what I am doing now. Ms. Smith then said that we need to have our parents fill out the parent form as soon as possible.
The homework that is due on Thursday, August twenty-second, is to find pictures or images that represent the following characteristics: Jealousy, revenge, betrayal, anger, racism, honesty, power, gender, prejudice, and the power of words. You must have all the images printed out and if it makes sense for the picture, to have it in color so we can discuss why we chose what we chose tomorrow. People said that the library charges twenty-five cents per page of color print. So if you need to, stop by the library to print the pictures before class tomorrow.
The class also had a class discussion, and for those who weren’t there, here are some expectations on class discussions: Supposed to be like a family dinner, so no cutting off anyone, also, don’t raise your hand, its supposed to be like a home environment and no one raises their hand at home.
Also, we participated in an in class discussion relating to Lord of the Flies by William Golding that had something to do with three questions that we came up with the night before as homework. The discussion went several places, including things like politics, in how there was smack talk between the two that wanted to be leaders, and how there were groups of two. We discussed corrupt governments, and recent revolutions and how we can relate the book to them. We also discussed how the Lord of the Flies, is actually the beast within all of mankind that is just a part of human nature, and how the same result would happen no matter what, if this situation were replicated, performed by adults, or had different setting, that it was inevitable.
A short story of something a little interesting, someone’s chair spazzed out and we found out that Ms. Smith’s worst fear is that she will be wearing a dress, and fall in her chair with her legs up in her all boys’ class. Remember that in case of extra credit about her.

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