Monday, August 26, 2013

9 Honors Block 5 8/26/13

a.       HW: SAT Vocab exercises in SAT book
                                                               i.      Exercises 1-4 not 5 and then do Identifying Sentence Errors and Improving Sentences
1.       Put words into paragraph
2.       Complete Sentence
3.       Define words using roots, prefixes, and suffixes
4.       Complete sentence
5.       Skip Essay (DON’T DO THIS)
6.       Find Errors
7.       Replace words
                                                             ii.      Highly suggested that above tasks are completed by Wednesday to be able to ask questions at the question section on that day
                                                            iii.      Learn word, definition, and part of speech by Friday
                                                           iv.      Quiz on Friday
 2.       SAT Vocab Preparation Book Handout
a.       Started together on Lesson One, page 15 in class
                                                               i.      Don’t Write in book
                                                             ii.      Use separate sheet of paper
b.      Ways to Study
                                                               i.      Flash Cards
                                                             ii.      Quizlet
                                                            iii.      Group Study
 3.       Copy and Paste Cask of Amontillado in to Google Document
a.       Learning to annotate by class instruction
                                                               i.      How to define words
1.       Look up words on computer
2.       Break words down
3.       Read on
                                                             ii.      “Brain on a page”
1.       Lots of quality annotations

2.       Know how literary elements aid understanding

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