Sunday, August 25, 2013

Scribe 9 Honors 8/23/13

Today we went to the library for the Library Orientation. Pages 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 are what we learned and talked about. We learned about important people.
Important people:
Mrs. Brachtenbach (Mrs. B) can not only help you in the library, but she can also help you around the school. She can answer questions for you and can give you information about almost anything like dances and plays.
Mr. Murphy is the librarian. He is well respected. It is his eighth year of being here at Arapahoe.
Mr. Fisch is the Director of Technology. He is also a math teacher. He goes around the school helping people with technological problems.

The library is open from 6:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. You can always come into the library during your unscheduled periods. Do your homework and catch up on missing assignments here. “Use the library to your advantage”- Mr. Murphy
Always carry your ID with you so you can be identified as an Arapahoe High School student. You DO NOT need to use your ID to check out a book. All you need is your student number. You can keep a book for fifteen school days. When a book has a red band on the spine, they are restricted. If you do not turn your book in, you will get fined twenty-five cents a day. If it is a reference book, it will cost you a dollar a day. You can pay the fine after you turn in your book. The money is a donation to the library to buy new books. There is a book return by the Warrior outside of the library doors.
The library also checks out headphones. They also sell earbuds. They continuously check out a headset with a microphone. Great for podcasts for classes. The library also checks out netbooks. They are handy to use because you cannot print from your own computer in the school. Video cameras and other types of cameras can be borrowed from the library also.
Behavior Expectations:
Watch your voice level
No food or drink allowed in the library
No hats, sunglasses, or hoodies
You are encouraged to have your electronic devices with you when you come into the library. DO NOT talk on your cell phone. DO NOT check voice messages. DO NOT let your phone ring. *Use your cell phone as a tool for learning.*
All computers require your google docs account login. two pages per assignment is free. After two pages per assignment, it costs ten cents to per page for black and white. It costs fifty cents no matter what for color printing. Photocopying costs ten cents per copy.
The books are on the shelves from A-Z. There are so many different books in the library that you can use. Also there are so many quiet study areas that you can use.

To what extent do jealousy and betrayal rule our choices/lives or affect our relationships?
Breaks trust
Changes views of others
Less trusting
Wary of others

Connect to LOF. Jack was jealous that Ralph was the leader, that lead to Jack betraying him. Jack was always trying to take over Ralph’s leadership. When Ralphed betrayed Piggy’s trust by  telling everyone that his name was Piggy. Group of hunters betrayed Simon because they killed him in their dance. Sam and Eric betrayed Ralph by giving up his location when hiding from Jack. The boys betray Ralph by going hunting when they should have been tending to the fire. Piggy is jealous of Ralph because of his figure and his physical shape. Ralph was jealous of Piggy because Piggy is so intelligent.

We did not read today.

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