Thursday, November 21, 2013

11/21/13 English 9H Scribe

Today in English we needed to come to class with an open mind. We watched a presentation, done by Mr. Fisch. In the presentation, the class discussed what students need to be successful with their education. The class also discussed what they think would help make education better for modern day life. We submitted two Google forms that pertained to Mr. Fisch's presentation, the links to these forms can be found in Mrs. Smith's agenda.

Our homework was to come with an open mind tomorrow as well, also the redo essays for the c, d, and f grades on the LWG paper, these are technically due tomorrow, Friday 11/22/13, but Smith would've preferred them sooner. Another piece of homework was to look into the "This I believe" project, details can be found in the agenda.

Further details about the class and this past week can be found here

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