Monday, November 18, 2013

Scribe 11/18 (Spencer Morton)

Scribe: Smith English 9 Honors, Monday November 18

Today in class we had our fourth fishbowl over pages 91-136. Remember that our next and final fishbowl is on Wednesday. Be sure to read pages 136-end for that fishbowl on Wednesday. As you read, think about the essential questions: What does it take to challenge the system? How can literature be a motivator for social change?

Other Homework:

  • On Tuesday (tomorrow) we will have a quiz over part 2-you may want to review annotations
  • Final fishbowl on Wednesday-read 451 pgs. 136-end
  • Redo Long Way Gone papers for C, D, or F due on Friday

Check the agenda for a few essay/poetry contests that are available. Lets show our Warrior spirit and win those things!

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