Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Scribe 11/6 Period 3

In class today we talked about how to create a summary response. The summary response each student will be making will be on one of the three videos we watched in class. Our class has only watched two of the three: "Did You Know" by Karl Fisch and "The Machine is Using Us" by Dr. Michael Wesch. We will watch the third video, “A Vision of Students Today” by Dr. Michael Wesch, tomorrow in class.

The summary response for one of these videos should have this outline:

Summary (One Sentence):

  • Topic Sentence: Title, author, main idea
    • No opinion, no personal words, no contractions.

Response (New paragraph):

  • Topic Sentence: Title, author, take a position and why
    • When you take your position, use words like correctly/incorrectly or accurately/inaccurately.
    • To get the 'why' write "because..."
  • Two-Three Examples that support your position
    • Example (Primary Source) ----> Extension example
      • Use this layout for each example
      • The extension examples come from the two other videos we watched.
  • Citing Sources
    • Lead in, " "( ).
      • (Wesch, "Machines").
      • (Wesch, "A Vision").
      • (Fisch, "Did").
  • Concluding Sentence
If this was not helpful here is a picture of the board:

Next we talked about "The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury and "Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut. We connected the two saying they both had: Social conformity, differences are bad, total government control (technology connection to “Machines”), lack of human relationships, suppression of knowledge, and a lack of communication. There is more on each of the short stories in this picture of the board:

"The Pedestrian" is on the left, connections between the two are in the middle, and "Harrison Bergeron" is on the right side of the board.

After we talked about those two short stories, went went on to talk about the Synthesis Essay we recently wrote. Mrs. Smith has just started grading, but has decided to help our learning by grading in a different way. Now you can either choose to, a) come in during an unscheduled hour or after school and talk to Mrs. Smith one on one as she grades your paper, b) have Mrs. Smith grade your essay and then come in during an unscheduled hour or after school to talk about the paper, or c) just have Mrs. Smith grade your paper normally and have it handed back to you. Once you have decided, write it on the top of your rubric and schedule a time in Mrs. Smith's planner.

Homework for today: SAT, Read 451: 1-40 (1-38 if you have the 60th anniversary edition) S/R due Monday (this is a link to an outline for the summary/response)

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