Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Scribe 11/5 period 5

Homework: read and annotate Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury

Grading for LWG essays:
  • one to one- going in and talking to Ms. Smith while she grades your paper
  • grade then come in- letting Ms. Smith grade your paper and then coming in
  • just grade- just let her grade it
    you will need to sign up for one of these options on your rubric and turn it in to Ms.Smith as well as signing up for an appointment in her planner

Going over the reading of Harrison Bergeron from last night these were the ideas written on the board:
What is Vonnegut trying to warn us about?
  • added amendments, 27- 213 over 68 years
  • final equality- is equality a good thing?
  • social conformity/ compliance
  • normalcy?
  • Utopia=Dystopia
  • When everyone is the same no one is special
  • Who decides? Who judges? What put people into power?
  • How did they get to this point?
  • What influences Vonnegut to write about this?
    • communism, red scare, McCarthyism
  • Judging, labels
  • government trying to enforce equality
  • individuality is taken away
  • handicapper general having gun 
    • double barreled sawn off shotgun gave her leverage
    • gun would obliterate a person
  • What is he really saying about equality? intelligence?

New Video: “Did You Know” Karl Fisch (head of technology and teacher)
video about what 21st century learners will need to be successful in their future occupations that don't even exist yet
Link to video: We took noted and watched twice

We will watch another video tomorrow which will be the last out of 3 videos we watch. You will pick your favorite and write a Summary Response to it. Picture of explination on class Power Point.

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