Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11/6 period 5

Today in class, multiple topics were discussed, among them the essay turned in recently, the summary response format, went over SAT questions, and the annotations of the text, “The Pedestrian” by Ray Bradury, read last night. To continue, if you haven’t signed up for an appointment yet, to either grade your essay one on one or just grade then read, make a plan to write a conference time in Mrs. Smith’s planner. For homework tonight, read pages 1-40 in Fahrenheit 451, this is not due till Friday. A test will be given on these pages on Monday, be prepared, the quizzes are very precise. Plan ahead, if you are busy this weekend read 41-68, this will be due either Tuesday or Wednesday. Also, summary responses to one of the three videos watched in class will be due on Monday, which will be posted to your personal blog. The third video will not be watched today and will be viewed tomorrow. Pick one of the videos as a primary source and use the other two videos to extend evidence and support  your argument. Note that during your summary, never use an opinion, and in your response state your position and argue against or validate the video. Keep in mind to not limit yourself, if you have seen another video that provokes thought and has produced a new idea, use it to your ability, Mrs. Smith should be in return by taught by her students.

Videos Watched:
  • Wesch, “Machines”
  • Wesch, “A Vision”
  • Fisch, “Did You Know”
(This format for the summary response has also been posted by Mrs. Smith as a picture from the board, can view if this isn't helpful)
Summary: (1 sentence)
Topic Sentence: title, author, main idea -strong verbs (elucidates, portrays, illustrates, delineates) -no opinion -no personal words -no contraptions
  • Example of Topic Sentence:  Karl Fisch’s “Did You Know” accurately portrays the change in the U.S. educational system because otherwise, the U.S. will not just fall further back in the race, but will be left behind.
Response: (new paragraph)
Topic Sentence: title, author, take a position and why because . . .
use correctly/incorrectly or accurately/inaccurately
2-3 examples that support position
  • Example (primary source) -Extension example +Explain point of example, connect to topic sentence
  • Example (primary source) -Extension
  • Example (can use another video to further support) -Extension
Concluding Sentence

Subsequently, SAT questions were addressed. Please acknowledge that next week there will be no SAT work
Exercise 3 #2 collector, select
Exercise 3 #3 lecture, collect
Exercise 3 #4 renege
Exercise 3 #5 Legends are

Connections to Bradbury/Vonnegut made during the short story readings produced:
  • Equality (dangers of)
  • Labels
  • Social Conformity
  • Power of government (over 200 amendments made during 68 years
Maxwell’s Question: What was the part when the Empress and Emperor began to fly in short story Harrison Bergeron?
Josie’s Answer: It symbolizes the release and the freedom experienced when the weights are taken away, so they begin to fly.

This question and answer led to further notes of:
  • lack of relationships
  • lack of emotion
  • lack of communication
  • lack of knowledge (remembering)
  • lack of ambition/desire for change

Jumping ahead to “The Pedestrian”:
  • power of government (police/tv, Diana Moon Glampers)
  • social conformity
-Mr. Mead outside                                        -People inside watching TV
-light is on in his house                                 -dark in others houses
-lack of literature leads to lack of knowledge
-forms decisions on the way they want them to act (connection: in a poppy seed farm all poppy seeds must be the same                        
-lack of power of the individual
-Purpose to redefine relationships    
-lack of relationships                 
 -power of tv
              -new laws violate old laws (freedom of speech)

At the end of reading Fahrenheit 451, the class is writing an essay connecting “The Pedestrian” and “Harrison Bergeron” and the novel. What do all pieces of writing suggest?
Continue to connect to the essential question.
Guiding Focus:
What three things are Bradbury and Vonnegut trying to warn our society about?
How have they come true in our society?

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