Monday, November 11, 2013

Scribe 11-11-13
By Jordan Chandler

Today was great class!
In class we first heard from the daily announcements. Below is a link to the announcements said in class.

After we heard from the announcers we handed in our SAT books because we have finished our work with SAT for the semester.
After this we recieved a Summery-Response Peer Editing paper linked below:
On this we filled out S/R Evaluatee: with your name and for the Blog Address you put in your blog address. After this Mrs. Smith collected them and handed different ones out to everyone. We were then assigned to grade someone else's Summary/Response. This was assigned as our homework. We were supposed to leave good comments and an accurate grade.

Tomorrow we have a fish bowl over pages 41-68 on 451.
The presenters are:
The Discussers are:

Come prepared to participate in conversation!
We then in the class had work time to either work on our fishbowl or our peer editing.
This is the link to the slides and Mrs. Smith's email is for further updates.

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