Friday, November 22, 2013

English 9 Honors Scribe 11-22-13

At the start of class, we turned in essay revisions. In the future, turn in work as soon as possible in consideration of Mrs. Smith's time. We then reviewed the previous day's lesson with Mrs. Fisch when we practiced deeper thinking and analysis of schools and education. During Thanksgiving Break it would not hurt to begin thinking about your "This I Believe Essay." At the end of class we were introduced to the “This I Believe Site” and began to brainstorm for our own essays
-personal style, creative liberty when it comes to format, as long as it makes your point, see examples on the site
-3-4 minute memorized speech
-300-500 words
-must be positive
-do not preach or lecture or editorialize
-relate a personal experience that matters to you; speak in a way that makes your experience matter to others
-“tell what you do believe, not what you don't”
Homework: “debrief your head”; plan for your “This I Believe Essay”, prepare to write when you come back from break
Think Big, Think Deep; Don’t Limit Yourself

Example Essays:
There is No God, by Penn Jillette: lacks a storyline: justifies his point with various examples and statements, negative and controversial, unconventional, intense, concrete belief; strongly personal- his choices, his actions based on his beliefs; example of pushing boundaries, no limits, freedom of expression
In Giving I Connect With Others, by Isabel Allende

Final Presentation is on December 19

December 16: 5-6 people need to volunteer to present

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