Friday, November 8, 2013

Scribe: November 17, 2013 P5

November 17th, 2013

On right of whiteboard:
On the left side of the whiteboard:

  -class size/connections with students

       traditional college is irrelevant

-education in classrooms doesn’t deal with patterns in the world      

 -tech used more than textbooks
   -disconnections with tech can be formed into engagement with tech       

-comfortability with tech, constraints of traditional education

-tech can be beneficial or detrimental     

-tech can be distracting

  -students grow with tech use but  teachers are not using tech     
^block learning^    

mass education= quantity of work vs. quality of work

students pay for this??

E9H Week 12: Thursday
  • scribe
  • SAT 10
  • Watch A Vision of Students’ Today” (take notes)
    • discuss- Smith suggested the book The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman as a great thinking book to make you really think about education. connect to essential question (see above notes on whiteboard)
    • connect to you, education, world (see above notes on whiteboard)
  • Brainstorm for S/R
  • Polleverywhere- We took a poll on whether or not history books are accurate. 9 people said yes; 16 people said no. Then we took another one on whether or not censorship is ever justified. 8 said no; 16 said yes.
  • Fishbowl sign up: once to present; once to discuss
  • Read 451 1-40:
    • annotate
    • make connections: to you, to text, to world, to essential question
Essential question:
What does it take to challenge the system?  How can literature be a motivator for social change?

HW: SAT,  S/R due Monday; post to personal blog, Read 451: 1-40, quiz, Fishbowl

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