Thursday, February 20, 2014

2/20/14 Claire Jones 3rd Period Scribe

Mrs. Smith changed the due date of the paper from the 28th to the 5th.
She wants us to bring in what we have learned, what we haven’t learned, and where we are going for tomorrow. We went over some examples of each in class. The notes we took are below.
  • Where are we going?
    • Individuals will stand up to the government overstepping bounds
    • Edward Snowden
    • Released government info about them tracking US citizens
    • Government went after him
    • Fled to Russia
    • Wikileaks
  • Not learned
    • Right balance between safety and security
    • Constitutional Rights
    • Personal connection vs. technological dominance
    • Right balance of technology (medical uses vs. tracking)
    • Power we should give to the government
      • (too much power)
      • Big Brother
      • DHS
      • Post 9/11 Patriot Act
    • Difference between protection and  safety
    • Enforcement of laws
    • Boundaries/Invasion of privacy, push boundaries
    • Understanding of inevitable (ie. what actually happens)
  • Learned
    • Human connection is essential
    • Gov’t intervention
    • Limit gov’t involvement
    • Power of technology
      • An individual
      • Hunting down wrong person (F451)
      • X Net (Lil Bro)
      • Create/ Produce anything social media (Facebook, Twitter)
      • Woman in Uganda blogs about important experience
    • Gov’t (and media) power to manipulate facts
    • Importance of literature
    • Importance of being free, thinking for yourself, challenging the system
    • Importance of knowledge
    • How society acts through fear, as a result of fear; controlling power of fear
    • Rebellion necessary to protect rights
    • When gov’t falls apart, necessary to rebuild
    • Be aware of gov’t
We worked on our DOL, as we have a test tomorrow. The changes are pictured below.

We went over the results of the survey in class, and discussed ways we as a class and teacher can improve.
  • get to know the each other as a class better
  • rubrics: less boxed in

We also discussed ways to improve the survey.  
  • English application    
  • class vs. personal
  • mental health letter (not Y/N)
  • ”My teacher teaches things that are important me”: stupid question

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