Monday, February 3, 2014

Scribe 2/7/14

Scribe: February 2, 2014

  • Morning Announcements
  • Daily Agenda:
    • Homework:
      • Read Chapters 1-5 in Little Brother
      • CSAP Packet
  • Went over CSAP Packet:
    • Paragraph on back:
1. Topic Sentence:
2. Beginning of Story
3. End of Story
4. Change in Character
5. Concluding Sentence
  • Went over daily grammar:

  • Discussion of 1984 in Mr. Myer’s Classroom:
    • What’s more important: Rights or Security? Why?
        • Katelin: Rights
        • Jackson: Rights
        • Kyle: Security
      • Security matters: Whether there’s an event as small as within a school or an event has big as 911
        • Did we know enough information on 9/10 to prevent 9/11? Yes, they knew bits and pieces - needed to discuss together to realize it could happen to prevent it
        • Post 9/11: Security over rights
      • 5th Amendment: You can take away people’s rights in time of war
        • When are we in war? What about danger?: Always?
    • No evidence is needed to prove a citizen is a terrorist
    • How much personal information is on the Internet about yourself?
      • It’s possible to find treemendous amounts of personal information about yourself just by googling your name
      • Does the school have the right to go through your personal information such has your phone, computer, etc.? Does the government?
    • Is the government looking at you when theres no specific event going on?
      • How can they keep tabs on you all the time?
        • Corporations store everything you do - sites you visit, tracking any purchase - use it to their advantage
        • Medical Records
          • How can they be used in a bad way?
            • Can be hacked - causes problems with job applications, denied by army, etc
            • History of Drug Use
            • Diseases
            • Genetic Testing
    • Are you comfortable with so much information to your name being known to the government?
      • Should the government be able to know this much?
    • Are you being watched constantly?
      • Cell Phones
      • Computer Chips in Student ID’s
      • Should we be putting tacking devices in our kids? We do it to our pets?
    • Is the government going overboard with security?
      • Pat downs at airports
        • Can be made public

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