Thursday, February 6, 2014

English 9 Honors Period 5 Scribe

HW:  CSAP packet due tomorrow, DOL test tomorrow, Chapters 6-12 in Little Brother due Tuesday, Summary/Response due Monday


What did we do today?

  • First we worked Thursday's grammar, and Smith gave us a practice sentence to help us study
First Grammar Sentence (not like one on test)

2nd Grammar Sentence (similar to one on test)
3rd Grammar Sentence (Very similar to one on test)
  • After grammar, we discussed and took notes on the summary/response due Monday
    • topic of S/R is the quote from Ben Franklin written at the bottom of today's powerpoint
    • my notes are neater than the ones Smith wrote on the board, notes below

    • What a Good S/R ha

Correct and Incorrect Parts of Quote (Can use these in your writing)

  • Smith then gave us time to work on our S/R, due Monday

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