Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Scribe 2/19 Max Wilson per. 5

  • Questions for Cory: On your blog
  • Ideas and Textual Quotes for LB F451 1984 Paper
    • What has society learned
      • Gov’t can be very powerful
    • What has society not learned
      • Havent figured happy medium for rights over safety or safety over rights
    • Where is society going

  • Tomorrow is an idea share for all of these
  • Outline for this paper online
  • Check agenda, it has important details


there are pretty flowers in your garden however they don’t smell very good

there are pretty flowers in your garden- Ind Cl
Compound Sentence
however they don’t smell very good- Ind Cl

on friday february 11 2011 i auditioned for the school play
Ind Cl Simple Sentence

Fish Bowl 18-End: The Fishbowl


How is Marcus in everyone of us?
  • Our ability to bounce back from hardship and to grow from it connects us to Marcus.

Is sending Severe Haircut Lady back to Afghanistan punishment enough, or does she deserve more severe consequences?
  • It isn't punishment, she is going there on duty. I think she deserves prison.

Do you think our government today actually looks out and cares about us?
  • Because many people do get off easy because they have connections or because they were just acting under orders. Life is not always just.

To make up, make a google doc (shared with Smith) and copy paste questions and comments and answer and respond to them.

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