Friday, February 21, 2014

Scribe 2/21/14 Period 5


Started off by turning in CSAP practice and DOL, and then took the DOL quiz.
Began talking about essay project. Smith showed examples for our project, highlighting a NYT article that included graphics and video, alongside an article. Mrs. Smith talked about how this will be different than anything else we’ve ever written, because we are publishing it to the world.

Next we began outlining the essay.  She laid out how the organization of our essay can change our “Where are we going” (If you have learned first and not learned second, then the Where are we going may be negative and visaversa) She diagrammed an outline on the whiteboard which showed examples.

Power of individual through technology
451-”Montag” isn't Montag- TV media. Manipulates society through media
LB- Marcus and the X-net-- created community to stand up.
Modern-Facebook, twitter Wikipedia, YouTube.-You can publish anything.

Not Learned:
1984-Big Brother and the party
LB- DHS with the Government
Modern-9/11  and the PATRIOT Act

Mrs. Smith pointed out how we can link quotes to original article, allowing for immediate fact checking.

Where are we going:
Modern can be 25 years into the future, 5 years into the future, or even now. There is no strict outline for this part. We can think outside of the box, and we draw from examples in the text to help prove our point. Remember that the organization of the paragraphs affects the Where are we going. Smith said that for some of us we can draw from 1984 and LB, but also 451 and ANY other texts if we want to (Divergent was her example). We are using the first 2 paragraphs to help with the where are we going.

Bad/Boring thesis: “Through the works of Orwell, Bradbury, Doctorow, and modern society, society has learned___________, yet failed to grasp___________; as a result, society will become ___________.” Commonly known as a “fill in the blank” thesis. Not good, but an OK place to start

Class examples:
Through the works of Orwell, Bradbury, Doctorow, and modern society, society has learned the importance of education, but hasn't learned what we can and can’t control, and will lead to the abuse of power. (Smith said that we should avoid having a “Can/can’t” in our thesis. We must take a side)

Try to keep it short, and don’t repeat excessively.

KEEP CITATIONS: Whatever quotes, images, videos, background information, must be cited.
May even be pages of works cited. Ideas to keep track is to sign into easy bib and create project. Every time you find a source, add it to easy bib.

By monday she wants a link to where your paper will be published (Link on power point)

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