Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2/11/14: Claire Jones 3rd Hour Scribe

We started the class with our DOL. 

S1     V1         n/OP           n/OP              V2             do         N/app
carla looked (at herself) (in the mirror) and recited the poem [fire and ice]
                    prep phrase    prep phrase

S1   V1                   N/do                                 N/OP                S2   V2                    N-OP
we saw [a midsummer nights dream] (at [buell theater]) after we saw the play (at [ahs])
                                                                  prep phrase                                         prep phrase

We had a Fischbowl where we discussed Chapters 6-12 in Little Brother.

The presenters were Lucy, Catherine, Sydney, and Claire. The discussers were Kyle, Jackson, Anisha, Briana, and the outer circle was Jack, Connor, Katelin, Kate, Lauren, Bella, Dani, Jordan, and Lexi. 

We discussed important questions like: 
"At what point does awareness turn into paranoia?" and "What does the book show about teen culture?". If you would like to take a look at the outer circle's discussion, you can find it here.

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