Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scribe Period 3 2/13/14 Catherine Holmes

Presentation Day!!!

Today, we got to share and see the AMAZING projects made in class yesterday. (2/12/14) Each group presented their's, and when all were finished, we had a little bit of extra work time. Snippets from each group's presentation are shown below... Get ready to be blown away!

Topic of Interest: What do Ned Kelly, the Chicago Seven, and Marcus Yallow have in common?

GROUP 1: Made by Lauren, Jordan, Bella, Lexi, and Briana. 
This group re-wrote the lyrics to "Pompeii" and performed it in front of the entire group. Lauren and Jordan played the guitar and sang- it was incredibly well done. Afterward, Bella, Lexi, and Briana explained the message of the new lyrics. To view their project, click here.

GROUP 2: Made by Anisha, Danny, and Claire
This group's project was thrilling- a movie trailer with awesome visual effects that was fun to watch, and contained just the right amount of educational material. 

Group 3: Made by Lucy, Catherine, and Kate
This group used props and people to convey their message. They asked 3 volunteers from the audience to come up, whose job was to stand and get ready to look fabulous. Each volunteer represented a protester. Using a Google presentation with pictures to back them up, they each took turns explaining the similarities between Ned Kelly, Marcus Yallow, and the Chicago Seven. As each similarity was named, an object was put on each volunteer to represent that similarity. For example, Marcus, Ned Kelly, and the Chicago Seven were very young when they first started rebelling against their government. To symbolize this, each volunteer was given a bandanna to wear. 

Group 4: Made by Jack, Connor, Jackson, and Kyle
This group invented a Prezi that displayed the similarities between the 3 protest groups in an organized and interesting fasion. The music in the background certainly topped it off :).
To watch their presentation, click here. 

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