Friday, February 7, 2014

English Honors 9, 3rd hour Scribe 2/7/14

Announcements, which can be found here.
After announcements, the CSAP packet from this week was collected, along with our page with grammar on it.
We took our DOL 8 quiz.
After everyone finished, we watched two videos: Full Body Scan (which is in German, but you can get the general idea from the description), and Hacked at Olympics (which was about the major hacking problem that is going on in Sochi, Russia right now). We shortly discussed the fact that these could both be good examples for PLN.
Afterwards, we had the rest of class to get started on homework, or work ahead.

  • Read LB (next fishbowl on tuesday, 2/11 about chapters 6-12 of LB)  
  • PLN due on Monday: on your PERSONAL blog.

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