Monday, September 2, 2013

Scribe 9H Period 5 8/30

Topic sentence: title, author, main idea
Summarize main points of movie. Can you use some specific examples, but better stick to big ideas.
Concluding sentence
*NO PERSONAL WORDS: I, me, my, our, we, us, you, your

Topic sentence: argumentative/reactionary statement with a why
Specific examples and explanation to support thesis (2-3)
Concluding sentence
*Opinion back up by fact
*No personal words

Big ideas:
Bullying physically: mentally hurts people
It everyone works together, we can stop bullying
society’s choice to ignore bullying has tragic effects
bullying has grown exponentially

Smith’s Example Topic Sentence (DO NOT USE): Lee Hirsch, in his documentary “Bully”, portrays society’s choice to ignore the exponential growth of bullying which has led to tragic outcomes.

Smith’s Example Concluding Sentence (DO NOT USE): If society continues to deny the epidemic of bullying, according to Hirsch, more young lives will be lost.

Post them together on your personal blog.

All of that emotion that you have been holding back for past few days comes out in your response. This is your time to argue. Use your ideas and add why to fuel the explanation.

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