Thursday, October 31, 2013

Block 5 Scribe of October 31, 2013


Interesting fact, did you know that the word of the day is phantasmagoric: having a fantastic or deceptive appearance. Class started with the always famous agenda. Remember about the SAT quiz tomorrow and the exercises. In addition, work on your essay by writing the second body paragraph, and rewrite the intro and body paragraphs. After we worked out what our homework is, we answered questions about the SAT exercises. In section 1 part 1 9th sentence, the answer is idiosyncrasy. For exercise 3 part 3, the second sentence, the first word is verbose and the second is kill a word. Also in section three, in part one A. means to measure across, and in Identifying Sentence Errors part 5 the answer is B. because there needs to be a colon to introduce the list.  we peer edited and talked about what our paragraph’s format should look like. To visit specific requirements, please go to The Agenda. Make sure to finish your body paragraphs and intro. To start the format remember to have MLA format (however you will not lose points for not using it), ex:
Your Name
English Nine Honors
7 October, 2013
Title: Should Be Creative
Paper starts here....Double spaced
There is also two important pieces of your writing you need to know,
  • correct internal documentation
  • works cited
  • citations by (author, number) with the number being the page number, and, if from google, (first word from works cited)
To start your into remember:
  • an attention getter: Have a good quote about your topic
  • never use “this quote means” in your transition
  • never describe as “is a book, is a play, is about”
  • make sure first sentences flow together and ideas
  • A good thesis: is it clear or specific?
In your body paragraphs remember that:
  • the first sentence should contain overarching ideas, a sub point, and why
  • set up should be before quote
  • put context in quote
  • proper citations
  • what does the quote say? (ex: Ishmaels words Othello direction), how does it connect to subpoint?, and how does it connect to overarching idea?
  • final synthesis: So What? Connect points and lead it to a broader connected point
  • analysis is thinking on what you just said. Make it understandable.
  • and overall to refer to Ishmael as Beah
-Official Scribe of Halloween, John Griffin

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