Friday, January 31, 2014

Scribe 1/31/14 Jordan C.

Welcome to class!
We started class off by hearing the announcements here is a link to the daily announcements:

Hello Smith!
 After this we took our DOL quiz and Claire distributed the muffins she brought for our new muffin Fridays. they sure were delicious!
After we took the quiz we redistributed them and then graded them. In the extra credit question we learned that Mrs. Smith likes the muffin tops.

After this we signed up for fishbowl presenting and discussing for our new book Little Brother. We also checked out books. Remember you can download a copy of Little Brother on

After this we worked on our posters that asked; Where are we going? What have we learned? What have we not learned? What are the solutions? Remember to start thinking about these questions as you begin to read Little Brother.

Our homework for this weekend was to read part of Little Brother 1-5 fishbowl on Wednesday the 5th. and also if we wanted to get started on the new CSAP packet due next Friday.

Have a good weekend! Go Broncos!

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