Friday, January 24, 2014

1984 167-224 Period 5


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  1. This is John's attributes to CoveritLive Period 5, 167-224.
    What is the concept of doublethink?
    I agree with Josie's symbolism of the crushed coral being related to Winston's dreams being crushed.
    Steven: I agree with Telescreens being a luxury.
    Steven: I believe that Winston could tell that O'Brian was against the party by only looking at his face for the same reasons that the thought police could tell.
    Steven: making friends would be dangerous in this society so being like O'Brian would be safe, but I would still rather make friends so I could have fun conversing and be like myself.
    Caroline: I would rather be in the inner party because it has more privileges and I could get away with living life like our society today (in short periods of course). I would be in peace and wealth.
    Diana: It is worse to make no friends at all in life because the joys in friendships and knowledge from friends make up for betrayal. It hurts more but feels better. You just get disappointed. While having no friends gives you a full life of loneliness and you don't get any chances to have friends vouch for new jobs for you. As well, if one friend betrays you, you have others to turn upon.
    Kira: The purpose of Julia in this book is to help move Winston in a rebellious phase. She also puts interest in this book and because of Julia, Winston gets captured.
    Margaret: A successful society is constituted by cooperation between the government and the people, a large and working economy, access to raw resources, and a society that has all of it's basic needs met. A successful society also has lots of workers.
    Keegan: I think it is possible for democracy to be able to stretch out into 1984's society. I can already see it in today's society and the History in "The Book of the Brotherhood". Both of these have evidence relating how current society can transform into Oceania.
    Did anyone find the history in 1984 interesting, comical, true, or a mixture of these? -John Griffin