Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1984 1-69 Period 5


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  1. Josie, I don't think our government does this brainwashing on us, but they do have some persuasive techniques to get us lingering in one direction. However, I agree with the two minutes of hate being brainwashing. It conjoins the groups of people and even lowers their thought process and intelligence. It is an intense scene.
    Peter I agree with you on how some things are justifiable to monitor, such as rebellious and destructive content, even terrorist content, but yes, everday living goes just too far. We have a right to privacy!
    I thought that this book so far has a pretty intriguing plot and statement. However, this book is, in my mind, a bit monotonous or repetitive. There isn't as much action in it as to help me be interested in it. Going more in depth does posses the dystopia side of things. If I were to live like that, I wouldn't have children so I wouldn't be turned in for spying, and I would try to have as much fun as possible. Even if t requires rebellion? Wouldn't you say so too? Or would you rather rebel first in secret to take down the government and then party? Or is there another choice that you would take?
    I can't see as much similarity in our government as 1984's, mostly because it is real dull in there, but I agree, not strongly agree, about the muslims today and Goldstein.
    I think that this country is at war with other countries because it enjoys being at war, there are some conflicts that clash and beliefs that repel in different countries, and it's a good way, for them at least, to keep their citizens in balance.
    Would you say that 1984 is the actual date of when this happens, or would you say it is off? The source is a bit illegetimate. Would you also keep track of the years, your birthday, news, and history like Winston, or would you stay in the present? If 1984 was to be compared to actual history, if it actually happened, what year will/has it happen(ed)?
    Would you agree with the concepts of the motto: "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength"?Why or Why not? How is the concept and repetition of this motto strength towards the government?
    I would disagree that the government is selfish. I would rather say it was intrusive, corruptive, and a kind of government that would lower the attention span of the citizens
    I agree with the children-robot theme. But I would rather describe them as robots not directly make them robots.
    How is the Spying academy infuential? In what ways?
    ----John's Comments on 1984