Thursday, January 16, 2014

Scribe 1-16-14 Bella Heisler Period 3

Homework: 69-117, CSAP, DOL, Little Brother Letter signed

Watched Macintosh commercial and connected to 1984
  • dull colors until the girl runs in
  • music and sound is technological-like
  • official sounding
  • people act like prisoners
  • 2 minutes of hate
  • macintosh will change society
  • encourages individuality
  • use of woman rather than man
  • “you don’t have to worry, 1984 won’t happen with our computers" is the message

Watched Obama commercial

  • Hillary Clinton is painted as Big Brother
  • iPod with girl to make more modern
  • obama emblem on t-shirt

  • Look over your thursday and friday grammar
  • Practice grammar

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