Monday, January 13, 2014

Scribe - Lucy Lawrence 1/13/14 Smith 9 honors period 3

Today was started off by signing up for days to discuss and present. (You can sign up when you get back to school) Then we got two different packets, one was purple which was about grammar and a white packet about CSAP.

Each week on Monday we will get two different sentences that we will use for the whole week. The first sentence is for practice and the second sentence will be very similar to the sentence you will see on the test. The two sentences for this week are;
  • Several of the dogs ate their meal
  • Their team will practice after school
Everyday of the week we will have a different thing to focus on. For example on mondays we always focus on part of speech, and on Tuesdays we will always focus on sentence parts and phrases. Mrs. Smith told us that it was very important we understood what we were doing each day because the quizzes can be 20 to 40 points and can greatly affect your grade. Make sure to go in to talk to Mrs. Smith and ask questions. This is an example of what we did with one of the sentences today;

Their team will practice after school.
                          possessive  noun    helping  action verb preposition  noun
                            pronoun                   verb                                                  

We then went over the white practise CSAP packet. Mrs. Smith emphasized that during any test you should read the directions and then read all the questions because it is much more efficient. We looked over the questions and underlined things in the questions we thought were important.

The last thing Mrs. Smith asked us to do was to copy a political cartoon from the 1930’s 40’s or 50’s (in black and white) onto a google along with a recent political cartoon. These will be used tomorrow when we talk about persuasion.

Homework -

  • Finish the white CSAP packet due Friday
  • Study the parts of speech for the quiz on Friday
  • keep working on our website due Wednesday
  • read pages 1-69 in 1984 and annotate due Wednesday
  • copy two political cartoons one from the 1950’s and a recent one onto a google doc due tomorrow

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