Monday, January 27, 2014

Max Wilson per. 5 1/27/14 E9H Scribe

Max Wilson

  • Google Site
  • Read to end of book, Fish Bowl Thursday
  • CSAP Packet: Words to Live By
  • Grammar Week 3


jeb likes cars but he can’t drive yet

  • Break contractions into two words(can’t=cannot
  • jeb- N
  • likes- av
  • cars- n
  • but- Coordinating Conjunction (Monday page)
  • he- Pronoun
  • can- helping verb (helps drive)
  • not- adverb ALWAYS
  • yet- adverb (answers when)
  • Adverb questions: How? When? Where? To what extent?

kristin watched the tv show law and order in her law class

  • kristin- N
  • Watched- av
  • the- article
  • tv- adjective (describes show)
  • show- n
  • law and order- bracket and label N
  • in- prep
  • her- poss pro
  • law- adj
  • class- n


  • Last 3 q’s:
    • Paint by numbers: Paint in colors in certain numbers
    • Topic Sentence: Restate Question, Answer Question and WHY
    • Explain your topic sentence- DETAILS 2 points supporting as a minimum
    • Conclude
    • 31: Full sentence with why

    • 32: Tricky
      • Low space and 2 questions: Write small because IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
      • Big writers really need to write small
        • The point of the story is… and it illustrates…
        • Explain
        • Conclude

Go over blog and write comments and questions (goog docx shared with Mrs. Smith or just write comments on blog). Edit yourself in, at the bottom or on a goog docx.

Example Q’s and Comments:

If you were in Winston's position, would you trust O'Brian?
Kira: I would not have trusted O'Brien because he could be the thought police.

In a world where people die every day would you make friends or be like O'Brien?
Steven: I think it would be easy for me to make friends, but after a while I would learn that in some ways it's not worth making friends and getting attached to people if they are going to be killed and leave me with a broken heart.

Did anyone notice how both The Brotherhood and Big Brother both don't value life, but differently? How so do they not appreciate life in their different ways?
Both of them see people as objects, ont actual human beings.

What is the purpose of Julia in this book?
The purpose of Julia is to spark Winston's rebellion and lead to his capture.

Example of Paint-By-Numbers:

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