Monday, January 27, 2014

Period 3 Scribe of 1/27/14

Today, January 27th, we started off class as usual by talking about homework. Tonight's homework is to read from page 224 to the end of 1984, work on your google site, and to work on the CSAP packet called Words to Live By which was handed out in class.

Once the CSAP packets were handed out, we took some some quick notes on how to correctly do a one paragraph answer for the questions on the back of the packet. When writing a one paragraph answer start by restating the question asked, then answer the question while remembering to give an explanation to your answer. After all this is done you just need to conclude your paragraph.

After the CSAP packet, we got two new sentences for daily grammar. The first sentence goes like this, " jeb likes cars but he can't drive yet ". The next sentence is as follows," kristen watched the tv show law and order in her law class ". We then did the parts of speech for both of these sentences using the Monday notes in our purple grammar packet.

After the grammar was done we started our fishbowl which went along swimmingly. The outside circle discussion should be found approximately 4 posts under this one.

That's pretty much what we did today. If you have any more questions about what we did you can always check the weekly agenda which will have the homework posted and an overview of what we did today or you can email Mrs. Smith.

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