Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Scribe- Sydney Maxson 1/14/14- English 9 Honors period 3

Today started by Mrs. Smith telling us to put our google sites into a link on her document. Put your google site in a link in your name on this document: https://docs.google.com/a/lpsk12.org/document/d/1jt0lIP0e3N60EH5EJ3xP_EcPbqt-EgD97zI9XpI2als/edit

DOL Work:
Rules about prepositions:
  1. Check for the preposition
  2. Look for the preposition phrase
  3. Find the object of the preposition
Look at sentence parts and phrases (subject, verbs, complements, phrases).
You can find what we learned in class in your DOL packet.

The main rules of finding the subject of the sentence:
  1. part of sentence about which something is being said
  2. must be noun, pronoun, gerund, or infinitive
  3. can never be in a prepositional phrase
**DON’T rule out the indefinite pronoun as the subject

Direct Object:
  1. is a noun or pronoun
  2. comes before a direct object
  3. is never in a prepositional phrase
**Subject, verb, “what”. The “what” is the direct object.
ex. Most of the students studied their grammar. “Most” is the subject, “studied” is the verb, and the “what” is “grammar”. So you can say “most studied what? studied grammar.”
Here is a picture of one of the sentences we worked on in class:

Talk about ads:
They romanticise the thought of war and say that war is amazing. You can see what ads we looked at here.

Next we got into small groups to talk about the political cartoons that we brought in. We looked at each one and wrote down things about the ad: colors, people, words that are underlined, etc. After we finish looking at each cartoon we picked the best old cartoon and the best new cartoon and shared them with the class.

  • Read 1-69 in 1984 for the Fischbowl tomorrow
  • Finish the white CSAP packet (Due Friday)
  • DOL

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