Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Scribe 1/15/14 Caroline McPhillips Period 5


Homework: Read pages 69-117 in 1984,  CSAP, DOL

Ms. Smith recommends we read 15-20 pages per night and even read a little past page 117. CSAP Packet is due on Friday. Today and tomorrow we will review our grammar notes and practice for the grammar quiz. She has 1st, 4th, and 6th tomorrow if you want to practice a grammar sentence. Tomorrow on the quiz, we are allowed to use our purple packet. We will work on sentence types and clauses.

Grammar: You should highlight independent and dependent clauses. Independent clauses can stand alone. They can never contain relative pronouns or subordinating conjunctions. Dependent clauses always start with relative pronouns and subordinating conjunctions. That, which, who, whom, and whose always start dependent clauses. Examples of dependent clauses: Which made them fat and lazy or since their team lost the game last night. There are 4 types of sentences (Wednesday notes): Simple, compound, complex, compound-complex sentences. 1 independent clause= 1 simple sentence. Clauses will always have subjects and verbs but phrases will not.

Remember to copy and paste the link to your website on your name. Go to the presentation--> Wednesday--> Period 5 link--> your name.

Finally, we did a fishbowl over pages 1-69

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