Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday, January 29th Scribe PERIOD 3

Today in Mrs. Smith's honors English class, we discussed Tuesday and Wednesday grammar notes as well as practiced them on the example sentences she gave us at the beginning of the week. She explained to us what a compound sentence was, which is a sentence with two independent clauses in it. She then gave us a practice sentence we could use to practice what he learned on.

The sentence: david saw the movie alvin and the chimpmunks in his kindergarten class

Afterwords, we talked about the Soul Pancake video we watched yesterday, which can be seen here, and how it made us feel. She asked us if we had liked the mental healing time and suggested that we watch a Soul Pancake video every now and then for a little breather.

Mrs. Smith then allowed us to break ourselves up into separate groups so that we could all work on four different posters for our upcoming essay on 1984 and 451. The four posters included ideas provided with examples from the text on the subjects we learned, hadn't learned (not learned), where we are going, and solutions. She explained to us that this would help us with the brainstorming for our essay and would assist us in finding things from the books instead of leafing through the pages.

Class was dismissed after.

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