Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thursday the 25th Scribing by Max Wilson

Thursday the 25th

  • Today we asked questions about SAT 5. In case you wanted to know, the SAT 5 quiz is on Friday.
    • 3.3: Petrified, cave, petroglyphs
    • 3.3: Subsist, the sun supports life
    • 3.4: Petroleum
  • We also perform tomorrow, so today was a work day in our Act 4 Reader’s Theatre in class on Thursday
  • And then we worked… and worked… and worked… on our project, which by the way is performed tomorrow, aka Thursday the 25th
  • Homework: SAT 5 and quiz due Friday, Act 4 performances Thursday, read Act 4, annotate your part of Act 4.
  • Things you need for Thursdays performance
  • Break down scenes
    • Annotated script
      • Roles
      • Stage Directions
      • Breakdown of meaning
      • Costumes
      • 4 questions answered

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