Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Scribe - Tuesday September 10th Period 3

The first thing we discussed in Honors English today was our Summary and Responses on "Bully". Mrs. Smith told the class that she was commenting on the blog post itself and that if she hadn't gotten to yours yet, it was only because she had many others to grade and it was taking awhile. She also proceeded to explain that if you received a B or lower as a grade, then you have the option of redoing your paragraphs. It is entirely up to you, though.

She reminded the class that the Lesson 3 SAT Test was on Friday and that we should be studying over the new words.

We then began to continue the reading of Act 2. We annotated as we went and stopped on Act 2. Scene 3. Page 105, Line 383. Mrs. Smith instructed that we go over Iago's last monologue to make sure that we understood what he was saying.

Homework for tonight

  • SAT Practices - Lesson 3 
  • Reread over annotations and notes for what we read in class from Othello. 
  • Conference for your Letter of Expectation

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